• Our current state of insecurity requires more security.

    The US is obviously under a security risk. We can't obviously guard all entrances to this country, but we can improve the fundamentals. We have obvious issues with southern border access that is magnified due to migrant workers. The northern border is almost completely ignored. Access into the country with any form of explosives or chemicals is completely possible with even the littles bit of planning and coordination. This is reduced as presence is increased.

  • Border security is low

    The amount of border security that is dedicated to American borders is insufficient. The areas are being governed by local militias who are attempting to restore law and order, but real border patrol agents are few and far between. The amount of illegals entering the country goes to show how porous we are.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe the United States has an issue with all of its borders. I believe we have overlooked this because we didn't feel it was a problem, but clearly it has been all along. I think we need to resolve this issue and we certainly need more security at our borders.

  • Yes, the border needs more security.

    I definitely think that the border of the United States of America needs more security. I think that there is way to many illegal aliens that are getting to the mainland of the USA. There needs to be more security at the border to ensure that the illegal aliens are kept out.

  • Citizens Are Just Jealous That Illegal Immigrants Aren't Lazy Like Them

    America is kept alive by immigrants, they built this country from the ground up. Most of them are good people, trying to make a living to support themselves and their families. Just face it, the only reason people hate them is because they take jobs from the lazy Americans. If anything, we should legalize illegal immigration to keep America running more. While we're at it, we should open political power to immigrants as well.

  • No, you can't secure the entire border.

    There is no way the United States can secure the entire border. And even if we could, there would still be ways found to get past the security. We are always going to have illegal immigrants as long as our standard of living remains higher than theirs. I would be more concerned with drugs coming across the border then people looking for a better life.

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