Does the Boston Bomber deserve the death penalty?

Asked by: Sourgummyworm
  • Yes he does

    I think he deserves to get the death penalty if the evidence shows that he did the bombings and kills. If he did those crimes he deserves it, doesn't matter how he looks or how much girls like him. We shouldn't tolerate people who kill other people. If he doesn't get executed there is something terribly wrong with this judgement system.

  • He killed people

    He killed three people, and we Americans should not have to pay for his food and shelter. Also if we don't it'll just be a message to the other terrorists that they don't have as much do loose if they go through with their plans. He killed people and he deserves to die.

  • Death = Death

    This is something I'll never understand from my liberal colleagues, and that is how can you oppose the death penalty? Morality arguments should not be considered when judging the actions of someone who has deliberately not only disobeyed the rules but violated the social contract and caused the death(s) of innocent(s). In the case of the Boston bomber, it is the same. If we can kill other species for food we can sure as hell kill our own for murder.

  • Of course he does!!

    The Boston Bomber doesn't just deserve the Death Penalty, he also deserves to be tortured. He is an absolute terrorist and he definitely deserves the harshest punishment ever. When the founders wrote. "No cruel and unusual punishment", they were still hanging people then and drawing and quartering them. I believe this man deserves to be punished severely for his actions by the families who were affected the most. People say, "Two wrongs don't make a right", but the government is doing no wrong by giving him what he deserves. A just punishment is not a wrong. It is a just consequence and he deserves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Death Penalty is cheaper all together and if we cannot torture him in this country, let's take him outside of the country and give him some good old American Justice.

  • Capital Punishment exist to frighten people with murder on their mind.

    Capital Punishment exist to frighten people with murder on their mind. Mass killings and terrorism is the worse kind of action any individual in society on perpetrate on innocent civilians. Tickling would-be murderers with the very real consequence of capital punishment should they follow through with their evil thoughts is an effective way of preventing massacres in the first place. We take that away in a society with the constitutional right to Bear Arms and we're creating a genuine recipe for disaster! Commiting heinous acts of mass murder cannot be used to make a political or social statement - people need to realize that there will be harsh, grave penalties to follow should they do so!

  • An eye for an eye.

    He killed and injured innocent people and he damaged government property. He had the city of Boston shutdown a whole day just for him, which costed the government millions of dollars. He is nothing but a terrorist and he has committed an act of treason and terror against the government and the people of the United States. He deserves the death penalty.

  • Punishment should equal evil done in severity

    I think that crime deserves punishment and that the severity of the punishment ought to be equal to the evil done. A person who steals a can of tuna should be punished far less than a person like Jeffery Dahlmer. It makes sense that if someone kills someone, then the standard punishment, which they deserve, should be death. If the standard punishment for death were, for example, 50 years in prison, you are essentially putting a price on the life they have taken. Taking of life=taking of life. Life does not equal free health care and sitting in a cell for 50 years.

  • Of course !

    Harsher crime, harshest punishment.... He is a terrorist! Terrorists get execution!
    Who want to spend tax payers money to keep him in jail for life?
    We have to set a standard, that those acts will not be tolerated in the U.S.
    Execution is also a good deterrent. As Sun Tzu said "kill one frighten ten thousand".

  • This Abominable Monster Ruined Everything For Some People

    Marathons take very hard tolls on human bodies. Running 26.2 miles in four hours is very hard, if not impossible for most people. It takes most people months and months to train for a marathon. Imagine running 26 miles, having trained for that marathon for years, and then losing the ability to run ever again.

    Imagine cheering on your child on the day they've been looking forward for their whole life and then witnessing their gruesome death.

    He cost the city of Boston a lot of money and terrified many citizens.

    Personally, my aunt watches the Marathon from the exact spot where the bomb went off, but had to work this year. This monster could have killed my beloved aunt.

    Also, this sick man wanted to bomb Times Square and do much more than kill three people. Unfortunately, there are some very radical groups out there (I don't want to stereotype Muslims, because they get a bad rap) that want to commit acts of terror, and need to know that they can be put to death for actions like these.

  • He shall die


  • The Boston bomber does not deserve the death penalty.

    What good will it do if they put him to death, if they put him to death he will only have to suffer the time until he dies and only suffer when he is dying. If he gets life in prison he will suffer for life and have to live with that everyday. It also cost more to put a person to death than to maintain someone in jail for life.

  • The Boston Bombing was an inside Job

    No because the "Boston Bomber" is not even guilty. He did not even commit the bombings. It was an inside job by our government and the illuminati. There were navy seals seen at the times of the bombings. There is no proof that muslims were involved with the bombings. This was just like 911 and was made up by the illuminati so they can have more control on us.

  • Two wrongs do not constitute a right.

    An old saying but it still stands. If X kills 10 and then Y kills X, is Y in the right? I don't believe so. People who do believe that the system in which death should be punished by creating...More death? It may be satisfying but that does not make it correct.
    This is not unlike trying to clean up acid with acid.
    Nobody deserves to die unnaturally.
    Nobody. The old teaching of "don't retaliate; get someone responsible" doesn't suddenly become redundant when things are scaled up.
    Do not retaliate on this man by dropping down to his level. Execution is legal murder. Don't commit murder because he has.

  • Too good for him

    I'd say solitary confinment for life. Absolutely nothing for him to do except sleep and. It would probably be more mentally strenuos than certain death. He is scum. If he dies he'll have to kill himself. This would be the worst to legally do to him. It may not seem bad but try going withought human contact for a month. And nothing to do either.

  • What if he is innocent?

    Sure he is most probably guilty, but what if he is innocent. We cannot know everything and their is always the possibility that he is innocent or was framed, however unlikely. Life imprisonment makes more sense, because at least he still has life and a chance to repent if he was wrong.

  • He killed three people. We killed 100 thousand.

    Now that I've absolutely offended everyone, I want to also make it clear that the crimes of our nation doesn't at all justify the crimes done to our innocent people who are just trying to live out their lives. Furthermore, I honestly believe people who do these crimes also deserve to be punished.

    But, I'm against the death penalty. I'll admit that my opening statement was fairly irrelevant, but it's something that's always nipping at my mind, from this point on I'll explain my position on the death penalty in general and why I'm against it.

    Off the top of my head the costs come to mind along with how nervous it makes me to basically give the government to have the power to straight up kill a citizen. But really, I'm just against the death penalty. And lets be honest here, since when has the government ever understood moderation? If we give them the power to kill even those that are in-arguably guilty of a crime, then we also give them the power to execute those that may just in fact be innocent. And really, if we go about using the law to kill even a single innocent person to satisfy a taste for retribution to see an actual guilty person perish, then we're no better. He deserves to be punished, but whatever legal means we utilize, it's simply not going to be enough. So lets not end it short for him. That's too simple and easy. We should use him for labor to better our society and let him live in his cage. Because unlike murderers, we aren't monsters.

  • He is a true american hero

    He showed that some americans will be willing to fight jihad he showed how i feel about the war in iraq and afghanistan he showed on how all of islam feels for our brothers and sisters there from mosque shootings to DRONE strikes on weddings from the United States isnt that terrorism? So when one muslim rebels and kills 3 he is a ultra-terrorist but when an invading SUPER power invades an kills rapes and bombs there just acts of war and collateral damege thats america Dzhojahar Alonvich Tsarneav is a hero to islam to jihad to the mujahideen to allah to mahdi to ali and to all who have moral sense he fights for Shariah he did allah's will of eye for an eye the best justice ever kown to man he justifed the crimes of war by the US thank Tsarneav

  • Let him suffer..

    As some others have said in this topic, death is too easy for him, and yes, it's easy for us aswell, but the way the law is today, the death penalty, if there was one, would be made to be quick and painless, which is an easy way out for him. The thing that will kill him the most is the suffering and regret that he will hold whilst in imprisonment. Suicide is his only option to remove it all, if he feels anything, and his suicide wouldn't be as quick and less painful as the death penalty. If he really didn't care and didn't feel terrible for what he did, I doubt he would have told us anymore about where there would have been another possible bombing in another place.

  • Death penalties are cruel and unnecessary. 40 years in prison or over would be better than sitting in a prison cell till you die.

    If you are going to put someone in prison for life, they are going to die anyway. It is gonna take many years of doing nothing and just sitting there in that rotten prison cell. Many people who get life sentences would probably rather to just get shot and get it over with instead of sitting in a prison for ever. But, there is a solution less harsh than this. Stick the guy in prison for 40 years. I know that when he gets out he sure as hell is going to have realized that what he had done was terrible and theres no away he would ever do it again. 40 years in prison would sure as hell straighten me out, cause that's a lot of time of doing absolutely nothing. Life is precious, yes i know this guy is a terrorist but still life is life, let him live. Nobody would ever deserve to sit in a prison cell till they die. Its cruel and unnecessary.

  • No, nobody "deserves" the death penalty.

    The state has no right to take a life away. It doesn't have the responsibility to punish people, only to protect its citizens from criminals. The state should not pretend to be any moral authority either - the US government kills thousands of innocent people overseas. What this man did should get him put in prison, because that's what prison is for.

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