Does the capture of the perpetrators of the Brussels shootout make you feel safe?

  • Yes, one less dangerous person on the streets.

    The capture of the perpetrators in the Brussels shooting does make me feel safer. One less terrorist on the streets is one less person we need to worry about. It also give the impression that western governments will stop at nothing to win the war on terror. Leaving these people free to plan further attacks had Europe on edge for months.

  • No it doesn't

    Great news that the perpetrators of this horrific crime have been caught and will be brought to justice accordingly. However it does not make me, and I'll assume the majority of the population, feel any safer. The situation with ISIS, the turmoil in Syria and the Islamic extremism has not been resolved. I fully expect further attacks until the west steps up its response and combats the situation. And I will agree that boots on the ground would be an effective strategy to adopt.

  • Capturing the Perpetrators does not make me Feel Safe

    Although the Brussels shootout was a terrible tragedy and disgusting on the part of those who did the shooting, catching those people does not make me feel safe. We live in a world with easy access to insane weapons by people who are not mentally stable. The capture of these perpetrators is unfortunately only a small victory in the face of insane individuals.

  • We're never safe

    As long as there are people that are willing to commit suicide in order to advance a political ideology, we'll never be safe. Also, the United States has decided not to be tough on immigration, because it doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. They would rather their own citizens die than turn anyone away.

  • No, the capture of the perpetrators of the Bruseels shootout doesn't make me feel safe.

    No, the capture of the perpetrators of the Brussels shootout doesn't make me feel safe because ISIS personnel are still carrying out attacks in Turkey and still have large amounts of territory under their control. I believe that more needs to be done to permanently cripple ISIS and until then the world is still going to be on edge.

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