Does the Catholic Church need a more progressive pope?

  • The Hardliners Got The Church Into Its Current Situation

    Well, if you consider that the current culture of the church produced a culture protected pedophiles, something needs to drastically change. Benedict wanted to scale back the Vatican II reforms. In reality, there needs to be a Vatican III where drastic reforms are undertaken. Without it, the credibility of the church will continue to decline.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Seems that way

    I and I imagine many of those reading this know Catholics that support the religion but kind of shuffle their feet past the discussion of the pope, or are even openly disappointed by what goes on at the Vatican. Should they choose to stay with their ways that's their right, but their ways are outdated and losing followers quicker than they can be replaced.

  • In order to survive, it does.

    While there may be some merit in a church that refuses to bend to modern times, the teachings of the Church are so outdated and so misogynistic that if they do not become progressive, or at least humane, they will not survive. They need to recognize women as equal people, and they need to recognize the fallibility and criminal behavior of priests, and act accordingly by booting them out.

  • What does is profit a man if he gains the world

    But loses his own soul? The Catholic Church is not a fraternity, rushing every spring to become the most popular social group. It is a Religion. God doesn't change even as the world corrupts. The Catholic Church will not waver despite efforts waged against her. She is Christ's true Church.

  • Faith is not Subject to Social Trends

    The Catholic Church does not need a more progressive pope. The very idea of a pope adjusting the standards and beliefs of faith to fit society’s current social beliefs is contrary to the nature of faith. If you are a faithful believer in a religion those beliefs do not waiver regardless of social pressure.

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