• Yes, the Cesar Chavez Academy provides a good education.

    The Cesar Chavez Academy is a charter school. As such, it is more progressive than the traditional public school system. Public schools are based on an outdated model that spends too much time and money sorting and classifying children. Many children who are labeled as underachievers or troublemakers in the public schools often thrive in charter schools. The Cesar Chavez Academy has been in existence since 1995 and continues to draw large numbers of students. The bottom line is to engage the students.

  • Cesar Chavez is good with dogs

    Dogs are man's best friend. They have been good to us for a long time. We can choose to be good to them back. Cesar Chavez's academy contributes to the dog and the owner. Because the dog responds to the owner, the owner must be confident as well. Some like this and some don't.

  • Cesar Chavez Academy Is Lacking

    In various areas, the Cesar Chavez Academy is lacking and does not provide a good education. This eduational institution needs to be revamped and improved from the ground up. It's curricula need to be upated and modernized in order to produce bright gradutates that can succeed in the world as it stands today.

  • Cesar Chavez Academy does not provide a good education.

    Cesar Chavez Academy does not provide a good education. The name itself refers to a very mean and evil man, Cesar Chavez. I think some of their teachings may be alright but to be teaching kids the influences of what this man did is just wrong and should not be accepted.

  • The name for starters.

    No, the Cesar Chavez Academy does not provide a good education, because the name implies some racism and economic stereotypes. Cesar Chavez was a socialist. Children should not be taught to blindly accept and champion his goals. There might be other aspects of the education that are acceptable, but the name is not one that should be celebrated without criticism.

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