• Yes, the Christian religion stifles culture.

    I agree that overall, the Christian religion does stifle culture. Those passionately Christian have strict rules that they must obey and they expect the rest of society to obey. Unlike other religious people, many Christians feel they must reach out to others and aggressively spread their faith. They assert their culture and beliefs on others, whether they want it or not.

  • Christian Religion Too Limiting

    The Christian religion is too limiting in contemporary society because it's all about saving souls from going to literal hell. If you're not in church every Sunday and confessing your sins, you allegedly go to hell. That type of mentality hasn't stopped the divorce rate from decreasing in America. That type of mentality has increased single motherhood in the United States. Perhaps Christian churches need to change their focus to something else.

  • Christians need to back off.

    The Christian religion has its own brand of culture. The problem is that it keeps trying to impose itself on the dominant secular culture which is, I suppose, stifling it. Christians need to learn that they cannot force everyone to accept their view of how the world should be. And being told no isn't persecuting them, either.

  • Does religion stifle . . . imagination!

    This argument should be broadened to include all monotheism. Religion, as a narrow culture in itself exists only to expand its ideas and influence. Too often at the expense of the broader cultural host. It may also be the greatest road block to progress, holding to moral pretensions that are unable to address or resolve any of the most pressing and fundamental problems of sustainability facing the modern world.

  • Absolutely religion stifles culture

    What religion does is it places itself as the ultimate moral authority and behavior, dictating what is acceptable and what is not. Given that being the case, it definitely stifles a nation's culture, if not the world's culture with it, because anything that goes against what it deems acceptable is demonized and at times censored entirely from the public. Our view on sex, sexuality, and the human body is one prime example of that. How we view sex, particularly in America is in large part due to religion and the strict laws forbidding it in any circumstances outside of a marriage. So yes I definitely think religion stifles culture and sets it back a great deal with its' archaic rules that have no place in modern society.

  • Fairly often.

    Most major religions have as a part of their beliefs that "this religion is right and other religions are wrong," including Christianity. This means that Christianity inherently stifles anyone's culture that believes in a different religion, because the beliefs of Christianity are not compatible with the beliefs of that other religion. To be fair, this is not just a problem with Christianity. As I said above, most major religions believe they are right and others are wrong.

  • Christianity is culture

    The Christian religion, and any other religion for that matter, does not stifle culture so much as it does contribute to it. There are accusations these days that fundamentalist and conservative beliefs are prevent cultural movements from evolving, but Christianity has contributed a great deal to society, and it will continue to.

  • Individuals Stifle Culture

    I do not believe the Christian religion stifles culture, if anything it has supported and guided culture in different areas of the world. It is the adherents of religions that can often stifle culture as they bend and twist the belief systems to what they find to be in favor of their personal opinions. When people try to impart their personal viewpoints on large populations, then culture is stifled.

  • Religion IS Culture

    This is a loaded question ... Religion IS culture. When someone is asked to define themselves, they will most notably list their beliefs and opinions about themselves, expecially what they are passionate about (religion, politics, personal interests, and so forth). To Christians, religion IS culture, just as Buddhism or Judaism or any other religion is a core element of culture to those who practice those faiths as well. You don't want to practice it? You don't have to!

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