• Of course it is

    The CIA as an institution has been involved in drug smuggling. I don't think that is even up for debate. Individuals in the CIA have also been involved in the drug trade since the beginning of the drug trade. Miami was full of Cuban exiles who made fortunes off of their CIA status, knowing where and how to redirect coast guard boats.

  • Yes, the CIA takes part in drug smuggling

    Yes, the CIA takes part in drug smuggling. I think it has been well-documented that the CIA is involved with all kinds of black ops and shady dealings. It is not at all a stretch to think it is directly involved with drug smuggling. It has the means and technology not to mention the ability to circumvent local authorities so that smuggling drugs would be easy, relatively speaking. Why the CIA would want to smuggle drugs into this country I'm not sure but there's no question it's a very likely possibility.

  • The CIA take has been accused of participating in drug smuggling.

    The CIA take has been accused of participating in drug smuggling. Some reports indicate that congressional evidence suggests that the CIA has worked with drug trafficking organizations, and allowed these organizations to operate with protection against the law and imprisonment in exchange for information provided to the CIA. In exchange for this information the CIA has allowed these drug organizations to continue operating.

  • Yes They Do

    There is plenty of evidence that indicates that the CIA does take part in drug smuggling. This is done to interact with targets and potentially arrest them in the future. It is usually done under the guise that those who cooperate will be allowed to operate, despite trafficking being illegal, as long as they hand over information about other suspects. The entire system catches people up in a deadly series of tattle tale antics that can easily escalate to violence and with no good way to get out of it. For these reasons alone, the CIA should be considered very dangerous.

  • Fast and Furious

    Yes, the CIA takes part in drug smuggling, because they allow it when they want to allow it. The Fast and Furious operation with the justice department is a good example of this. They allowed guns to be smuggled because they wanted to teach us all a lesson. The CIA does the same thing with drugs, to show us how bad of a problem it is.

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