• The Chinese are largely successful as communists.

    It was not the communist ideology that has made China so successful lately. It has been their ability to maneuver in a capitalist economy that has kept their economy competitive. The Communist party is still strong, and has operated the country within the borders as a communist collective. That is worth celebrating. Adapting to become a communist country with capitalist interests is a tough balance to strike, and the Communist Party of China have made the right compromises.

  • It Has America by the Neck

    The Communist Party of China has a lot to celebrate because they have America by the neck in terms of buying up American companies and the massive debt owned by the Chinese. If Congress can't solve its budget problems, China owns just about every aspect of American life because of the trillions in debt they own.

  • party of china

    I personally agree,This is an extremely broad subject area. However, after 60 years in power, the CCP has managed to grow the Chinese economy to an extent that is simply unprecedented in the history of the world. Sure, the people may have had to live on ration cards, food and energy shortages were and are frequent, and equitable growth is still a false premise. Nonetheless, in 1949 the Chinese economy produced around $18 billion, roughly $50 per capita.

  • State Capitalism isn't ideal

    While China can be condemned for their inability to protect labor rights, as evident by the cheap labour standards and low average minimum wage, it is encouraging to note a revival of Maoist ideology within the CCP which should further isolate the capitalist roaders within the Party and result in a less accommodating and compromising foreign policy (Looking at you America!)

  • Things haven't changed.

    No, the Communist Party of China does not have any reason to celebrate right now, because things in China are becoming more free, not more communist. With the Internet, and the development of business in large cities, people in China are seeing how good things can actually be. They are moving away from communism.

  • No they dont

    No, this party does not have a lot to celebrate about right now, since they are not doing anything that is really special. They still have their fair share or problems over in China, and do not need to celebrate. Plus being a communist nation is not good at all.

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