Does the concept of Freedom of Speech truly exist?

Asked by: RepublicanMan
  • Generally, it exists

    We are all allowed to speak out against our government and voice our opinions, that's the point of a liberal democracy. We won't get locked up for staging a non-violent protest and talking sh*t about Bachmann, Palin, Biden, and Pelosi isn't going to get us in legal trouble.

    However, when we get to the specifics, freedom of speech, like many other rights, isn't exactly unlimited. We can't lie to federal officers, or we get arrested for lying to them. We can't call 911 on a whim and fake an emergency or we get in trouble for that.

  • Can we please think before ranting?

    Yes, it exists. Clearly everyone who thinks of the freedom of speech at all creates a concept of it in their mind. The person who made this clearly has a concept of the freedom of speech as well. Even if we're just talking about his concept, we can honestly say it exists.

  • There is all ways some place to express an opinion.

    If we take the extreme condition of a state that enforces high censorship on it's members of society (china for example), there are still ways to express opinions and by pass the censorship.

    In the case that freedom of speech is considered a right of the people,
    it just means more options and easier access to express (and come by) opinions.

    The concept of freedom of speech is more of a mental disposition that helps bring out more opinions and helps accept hearing those opinions.

    But even without the concept of freedom of speech there is all ways some way to express an opinion in our day and age.

  • It is not

    IT IS under human right international law. Human have the right to speak . Library is the place which is quiet. Freedom of speech means we are allowed to speak and tell out our opinion ... We do have freedom to speak in court . This is not really ignored .

  • It is ignored.

    I have always tended to notice that Freedom of Speech rights are ignored. We are not truly allowed to speak freely in most environments. In public areas such as schools, hospitals, churches and even libraries. So why does this right still exist and why does it remain brought up?

    In schools, most of the Constitution of the United States is non-existent and thus many people are restricted to keeping most opinions quiet. It is difficult to express oneself in such a restricted environment where there is little room to truly be human and have the right to speak.

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alaina says2014-03-18T00:57:01.110
I can not agree with your oppinion totally.Because our oppinion come from our brain with ruled by our thoughts,relilion,job and so on. These tings limited our oppinion always.There is no abosolutely freedom in the world.