• The death penalty

    Before I begin I want to say that I fully support the death penalty. If a man murders a group of innocent children then he deserves to die, no question about it. However, I do think that it takes too long(That can be a good thing for wrongly convicted felons) and should be shortened. We don't necessarily need to have expensive humane ways to end a life. A bullet to the head works just fine, hell even let the family pull the trigger!

    Felons also spend years living on death row, ignoring the mental torment put on them, this is wrong. They are living free, monetarily of course, off the taxpayers hard earned dollar.

    As a rare, but possible example does this seem fair?
    A man's only son is killed, gunned down in a massacre. The criminal is apprehended and sent to jail. He spends 5 years being taken care of by the government by money the father has to pay. This man is necessarily paying for the mans living! The man who killed his daughter!

  • Yes, the death penalty costs too much.

    While punishing the most serious crimes in society may be appealing, the death penalty has serious shortcomings in practice. One reason is that death row inmates are not executed immediately. Because the Constitution requires special procedures in death penalty cases, sentencing someone to death can lengthen the legal process, which requires more resources from the prison system. Prison systems in many states such as California have found that death row inmates require much more funding than life-imprisonment inmates. In addition to the financial cost, death penalty cases run the risk of the unquantifiable societal or moral cost of executing an innocent defendant.

  • It costs more to keep them alive.

    The death penalty is expensive, but it would cost us more to keep criminals alive in a jail cell. While I think that criminals should have to live forever with their guilt, it costs us much less to just execute them and get rid of them immediately, so no it does not cost too much.

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