Does the death penalty encompass more negative factors than positive?

  • Yes, the death penalty has a number of flaws.

    For starters, there is no evidence that it deters crime. The treatment of death row inmates is also inhumane and the state has shown its inability to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a defendant is guilty. Finally, it's actually cheaper to imprison an inmate for life as opposed to executing them.

  • The Death Penalty should be abolished as it encompasses more negative factors than positive ones.

    The Death Penalty encompasses more negative points than in does positive. If we look into the 'positive' we may suggest that convicts are sure to never commit crimes again, adding a sense of security to society. Additionally, capital punishment could be seen as a method to deter crime, however, evidence has proven that since the death penalty was introduced, crime in general has risen. Moreover, there have been various cases over the years which have seen the Death Penalty take innocent lives as a result of judicial errors. If we want to help deter crime, promoting violence is not the answer. In my view, the catastrophic amount of money spent on keeping the death penalty in action should instead be spent on education.. Education that will teach children what's right and what's wrong. We should be using this money to help those who need it, thus helping to reduce the number of thefts and acts of violence which in many cases are committed for money to survive. I'm not saying they should have an easy way out. In fact, I think they should suffer, they should spend a long time in prison with a lack of freedom and luxuries. Yet, the death penalty, for me, is a vicious circle. To be able to avoid crime and violence we need to begin to advocate the same thing in our judicial system.

  • Death penalty is to be abolished

    Criminals are also humans, and why would other humans take other humans lives? I believe that only God has the right to give and take away human lives, but we as humans do not have any right for that. We all deserve to breath the same air. It isn't fair to execute someone, simple as it wouldn't be fair to execute various corrupted politicians that destroy this great nation. The human life as being the most precious gift from God, we should take a lot of caution with things we are doing towards our brothers.

  • Legally killing people is justified?

    For starters, there is no evidence that it deters crime. The treatment of death row inmates is also inhumane and the state has shown its inability to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a defendant is guilty. Finally, it's actually cheaper to imprison an inmate for life as opposed to executing them.

  • The death penalty encompasses more negative factors than positive.

    There are many arguments against the death penalty. Often, the criminal justice system makes mistakes and wrongly convicts people. There have been many cases of people exonerated by DNA evidence. It is wrong to kill people who might be proven innocent in the end. Also, the death penalty is barbaric.

  • The death penalty is a punishment based on outdated thinking.

    There are so many negative factors to the death penalty that they far outweigh the positive. It costs more to execute a person than it does to have them in prison for life and perpetuates the idea that two wrongs make a right. It is saying killing is wrong by killing someone. There is no way to have a 100% level of accuracy when deciding who is guilty, and it does not give the perpetrator the chance to learn from their actions and be sorry.

  • No it doesn't.

    Capital punishment is something that, while quite unpleasant, is a necessary evil in our society. There are simply some people in this world that will never be fixed and are too dangerous to keep in prison or to release back into society. The solution for them is to put them down.

  • Criminal punishment should be based on the crime. Certain crimes deserve the death penalty, not life in prison.

    Capital Punishment should be allowed because it provides the most benefit for society as viewed by John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham and their Utilitarianism theory; it is a general welfare approach.
    John Stuart Mill: “When there has been brought home to any one, by conclusive evidence, the greatest crime known to the law; and when the attendant circumstances suggest no palliation of the guilt, no hope that the culprit may even yet not be unworthy to live among mankind, nothing to make it probable that the crime was an exception to his general character rather than a consequence of it, then I confess it appears to me that to deprive the criminal of the life of which he has proved himself to be unworthy--solemnly to blot him out from the fellowship of mankind and from the catalogue of the living--is the most appropriate as it is certainly the most impressive, mode in which society can attach to so great a crime the penal consequences which for the security of life it is indispensable to annex to it. I defend this penalty, when confined to atrocious cases, on the very ground on which it is commonly attacked--on that of humanity to the criminal; as beyond comparison the least cruel mode in which it is possible adequately to deter from the crime.”
    “As for what is called the failure of death punishment, who is able to judge of that? We partly know who those are whom it has not deterred; but who is there who knows whom it has deterred, or how many human beings it has saved who would have lived to be murderers if that awful association had not been thrown round the idea of murder from their earliest infancy? Let us not forget that the most imposing fact loses its power over the imagination if it is made too cheap.”
    In a nutshell, no one has any proof that the death penalty is not a deterrent.
    There has never been a poll of criminals to see if the death penalty stopped them from using a gun or a knife while committing a crime. There has never been a poll of people who have never committed crimes to see if the death penalty was the deterrent that stopped them from committing crimes. Even, if a poll were done, how many criminals would tell the truth? Not many; they are all the scum and the dregs of society, especially all the illegal immigrants from Mexico and the black and Mexican/Latino gangbangers.
    Utilitarianism also states that whatever results in the most benefit for the most people in society is the correct course of action. So, executing more hard core criminals quickly would bring the most happiness for the most people in society.

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