• Yes if changed

    The Death Row system right now is flawed and should be fixed. A Perpetrator on Death Row has already been sentenced to death. If we Speed up the system the number of inmates would drop dramatically. While I agree with Death Penalty I think that we should have rock hard proof of the perpetrators Involvement in the crime.

  • The more on death row the less in prison

    If the death penalty would be exercised more often then we wouldn't have as many inmates therefore there wouldn't be as many prisons everywhere. Although some trials take up to 20 years if we used the death penalty we could easily empty out prisons. If we now exactly who the perpetrator is it would be quick easy trial. JK

  • People on death row stay on too long

    No, I do not believe that the death penalty reduces prison overflow. The amount of time the death row inmate spends waiting might as well be a life sentence. Some of them die before they come up for execution. After being sent the death row an inmate can buy an endless amount of time with motions and appeals to the point that they should have just given them life.

  • No, not much.

    No, hardly at all. The number of people executed by the death penalty yearly isn't a very high one. The number varies by state with the South executing the most, but nationally, the number of executions is generally less than 50 a year. This statistic hardly puts a dent in the prison overflow problem.

  • No, the death penalty does not reduce prison overflow

    The death penalty is not a good method of reducing prison overflow. There are other methods that would be better solutions to prison overflow. Counseling programs and programs for addiction would help reduce overflow. Less harsh sentences would also help. Furthermore, there are not many inmates on deathrow compared to others of different sentence lengths so the dealth penalty would not make much difference.

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