Does the Discovery Channel needs to return to educational programming?

Asked by: Deathmonkey7
  • The Discovery Channel Should Return to Educational Programming

    I believe that the Discovery Channel should return to promoting discovery and education. All it seems to promote now is making money, fighting, and destroying the environment. For example, look at Gold Rush. All they do in that show is destroy huge swaths of Alaskan forest, and all for what? Money. They are destroying valuable resources and wildlife habitat for money. The Discovery Channel also hosts "Shark Week." This is supposed to be educational. However, they use outdated information, sometimes even blatantly wrong information, and pass it off as scientific fact. This is not what discovery is. This is the opposite, it is regression.

  • Profit matters to them.

    Money is what they want, therefore they sell a product that gets them money. Thus they tell people crap about how Aliens wrote the bible or some such. It makes them more money than actual history, so they make more of it, and soon history is forgotten. Money matters to them.

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