• Yes, due to population if nothing else

    Washington D.C. Has more people than a around 5 of states, around 600k people live in DC. So either give those 600k people the rights they deserve through DC statehood, or through combining them with Maryland. "No taxation without representation", they deserve proper Senators and Representatives, and the other proper rights.

  • Keep D.C. a federal district.

    No, I do not think that we should make Washington, D.C. the 51st state. The idea of having a District as a capital instead of letting the honor go to a state was a very wise choice back in the day. By making D.C. a state, you raise the possibility of some partisan issues.

  • No, I don't think the District of Columbia deserves to be the 51st state.

    While the District of Columbia is a very populated and powerful area I don't believe there is any reason to take the effort in making it the 51st State, I think the area fits fine within the Maryland Government and there is no pressing need to make it a state on its own.

  • Puerto Rico Deserves It More

    The District of Columbia could become a state of the union eventually. But Puerto Rico deserves statehood first. Washington DC can become the 52nd state of the union. Currently, the United States has gone the longest in its history without adding a state (54-plus years). It's time to expand with Puerto Rico first and then the District of Columbia. Doing so would renew interest in statehood and renew interest in American politics.

  • Too many workers.

    No, the District of Columbia does not deserve to be the 21st state, because the government workers were never meant to vote themselves raises. There are too many government workers in the District of Columbia in order to want their votes to count towards whether we should have to pay more taxes or increase the size of government.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe District of Columbia deserves to the 51st state. I believe this area should either remain an independent entity or it should be split between the surrounding states. There is no reason to create a tiny 51st state where none is needed. DC has all the services and government it needs without becoming a state.

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