• Yes, the DNA dragnet goes to far

    DNA is now being collected from people for a large number of reasons. DNA is now collected for minor criminal offenses that bear no relation to the taking of a DNA sample. The DNA is stored to then be used or matched in future criminal episodes. Genetic material such as hair or bodily fluids can be obtained and planted at crime scenes and used to falsely implicate someone.

  • Yes It Does

    The rumor has been circulating for years that the government would like to collect DNA samples from all citizens. I think this DNA dragnet does go too far. The government should not require my DNA as a stipulation to me living where I do. I didn't choose America I was born here and I've never had the opportunity to leave.

  • DNA Doesn't Do Enough

    Having a person's DNA on file may seem like an invasion of privacy. However, that information may help solve many crimes in the future. The DNA dragnet hasn't done enough because too many people get away with violent crimes due to a lack of evidence. DNA isn't the panacea of solving crimes, but it does help.

  • No, it does not.

    The DNA dragnet should be expanded whenever possible. Every time DNA is added to the system there is a chance that some crime will be solved. Every time an arrest is made from DNA, many more crimes are prevented by locking up that individual. I would be okay if everyone had their DNA on file.

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