Does the DNC claim of 8 Million signing up for Obama care render the program a success?

Asked by: bigdave
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  • More information needed

    Before we can consider the ACA a success we need more information on enrollment numbers. The "8 million" signups touted from the left does not explain how many people retained that coverage nor how many previously uninsured citizens are now covered. Until such time as we can see the net effect of the bill we cannot judge it a success.

  • Figures from HHS say NO!

    The United States Department of Health and Human Services stated that in 2009 there were 45 million uninsured ( and therefore 285 million INSURED or 86.4% of the population). Now if 8 million got insurance, that changes the percent to only 88.8% covered. The improvement was only 2.4%. There are still 37 million UNINSURED. This is only a success in a world of lowered expectations. Is this where we now live?

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