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  • Not at all

    Feminist's state that domestic abuse is a one sided issue, it isn't, at all. Men make up just as many domestic violence victims as Women do. But this model says that it is only women, maybe women were usually the victims of domestic abuse back in the 1900's, but they are not anymore. But so many people believe this model is still right today when it is far from accurate, I cannot count how many domestic violence commercials have shown men as the abusers, but I can't name one that show's that women can be the abuser as well. This model is sexist against men, and is never a good model to use in domestic abuse cases.

  • It ignores other reasons of domestic abuse, and it blames everything on men.

    Not everything it's the man's false, blaming that some men commit domestic violence against their partners because they were all taught to be powerful and to dominate their partners is wrong, we were never taught such thing. The model also ignores the fact that 1 in 4 men also experience domestic violence from their partners. So is it really right to say in cases of domestic violence, the men is to be undoubtedly assume guilty and to be apprehended with no reasons needed?

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