• Yes, the system is broke

    Indeed the system is broken, when the tax code is over 1,000 pages long and it takes an attorney for the basic business or individual to figure out what they owe is sad. We also have a situation where some people are paying pennies on the dollar when some people are paying more then they can afford.

  • Taxes and Budget Cuts

    In order for the financial debt to be balanced the country needs to increase taxes and cut budgets across the board. This means that every single government program will have its budget cut and there will be tax increases for the wealthy. As a result the country will slowly recover and begin to pay back its debts, which will be a much more balanced solution than tax reform alone. We do need tax reform, but it is not something that will solve the problem on its own.

  • Yes.

    The economy very much needs tax reform, specifically taxes need to be increased on the very wealthy. Despite what the wealthy say tax breaks for the wealthy do not help the economy and only put the country into debt. Tax reform will help the country get out of debt which will help the national economy and enable it to grow more than it has in the past few years. If the national economy grows local economies will also grow.

  • The economy needs clear and simple taxes

    Tax rates are not so much the issue as the burden that goes with calculating taxes. Business owners and investors need to know what the rules are. The simplier the better. Simple would also benefit the voter who currently has a hell of time translating what the politicians say. Simple rules simple or no deductions not this endless shell game we currently have.

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