• Racism was gone when African Americans gained equal rights, which was a long time ago.

    African Americans have equal rights just like everyone else. The only reason we keep hearing about racism is because it s impossible to satisfy people. In my opinion, if you think racism is a problem in American, you should move to another country and see what racism is really like.

  • Getting Closer With Each Generation

    During the last six decades racism has decreased without a doubt. If you look back to where we were in the 50's & 60's we have come a long way. Martin Luther Kings work has moved the country forward. Each generation that comes along it becomes less of an issue. Anyone who would argue against that has an agenda. Back in sixties baseball stars like Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and Ernie Banks would never be considered to advertise a product on television. Now it's an after thought. Actors like Sidney Poitier were few, and far between. Now we have Denzel Washington, Samuel L Jackson, Don Cheadle, and I can go on and on. All big box office draws. That shows great progress.

  • I would say that it is a good indicator that we are moving in that direction.

    To believe that this questions is insinuating that we are devoid of racism is silly. There will always be racism. However I do believe that The vast majority of our country is not racist. The fact that he was elected speaks volumes. We are clearly moving forward in this regard.

  • Nope, still racist.

    The idea that America is beyond racism solely because we've finally done something decent for a black politician is laughable. The United States is just as racist as it has been the last thirty years, and in some ways worse because more people are vocal about hating on the President.

  • Think About Recent Issues

    Clearly, if you look at the news, we're far from passed racism. Not even going into the things we all hear about Obama, look at Chapel Hill, the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, the George Zimmerman trial. These crimes have all had links to or have been outright racist. We have a long way to go before we're beyond racism.

  • Not Even Possible

    How could the election of one black man mean the country has moved beyond racism? For one, at least 100 million people didn't vote. Second, maybe people hated McCain so much that thy voted for Obama, they could still be racist. I do think the country as a whole (most of the country,) has moved beyond racism.

    I live in the south. The south is a favorite target of people pushing the "America is racist" idea. I have never seen or heard a racist incident in the last ten years. I do see however, and on a regular basis, black people interacting with white people and both treating each other with respect. I see people who couldn't care less what color someone's skin is. People who are friendly to everyone, as long as people are acting like decent people themselves.

  • Better, but still racist.

    Much improved, and still getting better. But there is still so much racism in the US.
    To other, more progressive countries you guys are laughing stock. We make jokes about your right-wingers.
    Black people are much poorer and discriminated against by policemen and civilians alike. America has a long way to go.

    Posted by: zuni
  • It is certainly improving...

    However, I do not believe that USA has moved 'beyond' racism. The KKK still exists, and a lot of people in America are vocal haters. There are still people who judge people by their cover. In fact, I think racism will still be prominent in this era. It will probably never stop.

  • Too vague to be sure...

    I agree that racism has gotten better, and this shows that at least a solid number of white people, who are the majority, voted for Obama, meaning that they are not racist. However, to say that we are "beyond" racism implies that only the most radical people are still racist, which I don't think is true. There are still some regular-seeming people out there who are actually racist. So no, while racism has gotten better, we haven't gotten beyond racism.

  • I don’t think that the election of President Barack Obama means that the United States has moved beyond racism.

    I don’t think that the election of President Barack Obama
    means that the United States has moved beyond racism. It just means that President Barack Obama was
    the best candidate in that election.
    Think about it. Do you know of
    any other black candidates that could have won the election? Maybe Colin Powell.

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