Does the enforcement of wetlands protection actually endanger rare animals via human intervention?

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  • By now, it can be done well

    Scientific advancement has come far enough for humankind that wetlands protection should be viable in non intrusive manner. If nothing else, restrictions on nearby human behavior that couldbe impacting the area could go a long ways towards ensuring wetlands survival These habitats are too important to let fall victim to human behavior.

  • With out the wetlands the rare animals would not be there

    We could just do nothing and let mankind do what it does best, destroy things. Some people seem to hate that we have to have laws of regulation and protection of certain habitats. I imagine this planet would be a wasteland already if we never made such laws. Some might say we are just slowing down the inevitable. Anyway, wetland protection does not endanger rare species. People do that by themselves one way or another.

  • No, wetland protection helps animals.

    I do not believe that the enforcement of wetlands endanger animals via human intervention. I think that protecting the wetlands will benefit different species of animals that live in that habitat. If some of those wetlands weren't protected than a lot of those animals would be in danger. I think that such a program benefits the animals.

  • Not more than lack of it

    Enforcing wetland protect can sometimes result in unintended consequences, without a doubt, but the consequences would be worse without it. The areas are ones that are on the top of the list of where major corporations want to build, protection can hurt some of the life in them at times but at least it doesn't knowingly wipe it out.

  • It preserves the habitat.

    No, the enforcement of wetlands protection does not actually endanger rare animals via human intervention, because it preserves the environment from the exact type of interventions that would cause problems for the ecosystem. Scientists spend a great deal of time examining their environments before they recommend preservation of habitats with wetland designation.

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