• Save the Bees

    The EPA should take action to determine the cause of mass honey bee deaths. Honey bee support a large part of the ecosystem by pollinating flowers and allowing flora to reproduce. Their deaths would have a significant impact on this, which could cause the loss of plant life, and, in turn, the death of animals that feed on them. Due to the significant impact that the death of honey bees could have on our ecosystem, the EPA should prioritize research in this area.

  • The EPA should do something about the death of honey bees.

    The EPA should do something to prevent the death of honey bees. We need pollinators in our environment and their role should not be minimized or diminished. I think that pesticides should be moderated and should only be used in situations when pollinators are not involved. We need our honey bees.

  • Honey Bees are a Vital Resource.

    Honey bees play a very important role in the world by pollinating flowers and creating a food supply. While they may seem like pests, they are very beneficial to the environment. The destruction of such fragile creatures could impact entire ecosystems, creating issues in the long run. Personally, I feel that it would be sufficient to increase the amount of sanctuaries available for honey bees and focus on population growth over an extended period of time.

  • Yes, the EPA should do something.

    If the EPA is so concerned about the death of the honey bees, it could start with the pursuit and prosecution of the corporations that are spraying the skies with poison. The aluminum, barium and other toxic metals that criss cross our skies are fouling up their sense of direction and poisoning their food source. The EPA might even go so far as to put a stop to the growing of GMO crops. These crops are full of poison, such as Monsanto's Round Up. That's pesticide. It's killing the bees and they can't cross pollinate the food.

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