Does the European Union do enough to help the Roma community?

  • Roma are apart

    The Roma are not part of the EU; the EU does not really consider them as citizens and they cosnider themselves a separate community within the borders of Europe. The Roma have long been detested by people in countries thoughout Europe, so any government attempt at helping them would do little in light of the social reality.

  • Yes, it probably does.

    Since the Roma people are getting some welfare help from the governments in the European Union, then those countries are probably doing enough. But there are most likely some discrimanatory actions taking places, either officially or unofficially and these definitely need to be looked into and changed so there is more equality.

  • Something Must Be Done

    The Roma community needs extra help to try to modernize. A homeland isn't a good idea as the example of Israel has been a 65-year disaster. Gypsies are nomadic people by their very nature and getting them to change may not be the best course. Ideally, the Roma should settle down and stay in one place rather than be nomads.

  • I see hatred towards Roma community. Its very sad, They are treated even worst than animals. Even animals have respect but not Romas.

    Slovak government do support them by giving some aid but never solved their problems for the long term. Even animals have better life than Romas in Slovakia. Its very sad. They are hated any everyone, nobody gives them job, they live in ghettos. If you treat someone like this for decades then automatically your genes mutate and you behave like a mutant. That what they are now. Very sad this happened in EU :(

  • EU Has Neglected the Roma

    Unfortunately, the European Union has neglected the Roma community in general. A large number of Roma live within the borders of the EU, and many of them face discrimination and harassment on a regular basis. The European Union needs to remedy this situation as soon as possible because it's wrong.

  • The European Union does not do enough to help the Roma community.

    The European Union has not done enough to help the Roma community. These people remain on the fringes of society because they cannot become integrated into the European community. In order to prevent crime and improve social welfare, the governments of Europe should be more welcoming to Roma immigrants in their borders.

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