• EU is not going to last without a constitution!

    I currently live in the USA, what makes this country so unique and so powerful is our constitution. One voice,one army,one monetary policy, for 50 states. Being a holder of a European passport as well, I would want to see constitution for 500 m people that represent their rights equally!

  • Yes, it probably does.

    If the European Union is truly going to be unified then it most likely should have some sort of document that states common beliefs and goals. However, that is going to be a very hard thing to do because Europe is not really unified and that is a big part of its problems as the EU.

  • The European Union does need a constitution.

    The European Union does need a constitution. A constitution is a document that organizes a government, and since the EU is somewhat of a government, they need a document that formally organizes them and gives them clear guidelines and boundaries for conducting their business as a federation. It would clear a lot of things up.

  • I think that the European Union needs a constitution.

    I think that the European Union needs a constitution. A deal is not real until it’s written on
    paper. A constitution for the European
    Union would eliminate confusion, and make everything straightforward and easy. A constitution would bring more unity to the
    European Union and increase its sense of unity.

  • Yes, if it's going to be a true Union.

    I am not sure that the European Union should have ever happened, as it threatens to undermine the beauty of every culture in all the nations. However, since a European Union is what is desired, then it needs to have some document that lays out exactly what its structure and mission is.

  • Yes it does

    If we want a well-organized, and strong Union, we need a constitution. Otherwise member-states will continue to weaken the Union with nationalist policies, which is the last thing we need to emerge from the crisis. With a constitution, the Union could regulate fiscal policies in the member-states as well as the civil rights of the European citizens.

  • They should not!

    The european union is becoming like one whole country. There are reasons why there are different countries and that is because of cultural differences and different people, and that is a great thing! Making a constitution for the EU is a bad idea, a constitution should only be written for individual countries.

  • The treaty = constitution

    The EU doesn't need a constitution, as its main source of constitutional power is granted via the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) (found here:

    I really wish people you would research and attempt to understand how the European Union works, before commenting on it.

    Have fun!

  • A failed project

    The European Union is trying to take away the countries' sovereignty, and meanwhile causing countries that are out of the EU to nearly collapse (what on earth were they thinking when they said to the Ukraine that they'd be welcome in the EU, while half of that country wants the complete opposite? That is asking for trouble in that country, and the citizens there are experiencing the consequences every single day.)

    The EU is a failed project and the sooner it gets disbanded, the better for everyone. Let all the countries get their own trade agreements with whoever they want without the attempt to create a super state, like people in a certain World War attempted to achieve too.

    Besides, the countries in the EU are so different, it's an utopia to think that this will work.

  • EU is better without a constitution.

    Currently, even without a constitution, the EU is undermining the individual constitutions and laws of its member states. The interests of smaller countries are being pushed aside by the larger ones such as Germany. I believe any attempt at introducing an EU-wide constitution would further deplete member states of their sovereignty, one of the major cons to the European Union.

  • The European Union does not need a constitution, as they are not a nation.

    Because the European Union is not an actual nation, but an economic, political, and military alliance, they do not need a constitution. The same can be said of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Neither needs a constitution. Individual rules and charters are more than enough to dictate the actions of the institutions' member states.

  • The European Union does not need a constitution.

    The European Union does not need a constitution. They have been debating on this issue and I think it is not needed. They are totally different when it comes to the way things operate in their country and hardly comparable to the United States. They have been able to manage this long without such necessary measures.

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