Does the extent to which the Opinions section is moderated undermine its value on DDO?

Asked by: YYW
  • Why... Yes it does!

    The opinion section is heavily moderated, such that when members attempt to ask humorous questions or express opinions which may be deemed "controversial" or are not in keeping with the moderator's liking the question or answer that moderators do not approve of is removed. If the purpose is to generate traffic for the site, it is overwhelmingly in Juggle's best interest to allow humorous questions and opinions. If the purpose is to have only "legitimate" opinions expressed on "serious issues" Juggle will be forced to recognize that the culture of DDO is at odds with their objectives. By removing questions like "Does Australia Exist?" the opinion section moderators exercise both poor judgement by disregarding DDO's culture -which values humor, satire and farce. If the opinion section's moderators do not share DDO's appreciation for humor, satire and farce it should be admonished to either create another site in keeping with its objectives -because DDO is what it is. Fundamentally, DDO is and ought to remain an open, free place for people to exchange ideas and have fun -not only to have "serious" conversations about "important issues" of the day. Attempting to change DDO -or any section of it- from the former to the latter will (1) reduce site traffic, (2) alienate DDO members and (3) cause established members to spend less time on the site -thereby hurting the value of the site.

    Posted by: YYW
  • Alternatively we could....

    ...Let the opinions section turn into a banner for the sites lack of intellectual content and show any potential user that the best they can expect from Debate.Org is whatever hormonally-driven drivel they find on a completely unmoderated Opinions section. If you really want to add to this site, help us find whichever dastardly fiend is doing his best to incur moderation on the opinions section. Then, BURN HIM!

  • It is not overly moderated

    Plenty of posts go through that lack intellectual content. This is the only way to sort out the people who are giving a real opinion and those who just enjoy stirring up trouble and emotions on the Internet. I can't see that the site would be as successful and the opinions as accurate if there was no moderation.

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MassiveDump says2013-06-09T03:04:16.643
Apparently moderation doesn't want to hear my opinion.

I'll just leave and never come back.
YYW says2013-06-09T03:11:44.347
What was your opinion? If you can't post it here, post it on my profile.
YYW says2013-06-11T00:47:13.657
I took the time to come up with an extended and well thought out answer for this question:


And DDO censored it! I'm deeply offended!