Does the fact that her supporters took illegal donations reflect on Hilary Clinton?

  • Yes, the fact that her supporters took illegal donations reflects on Hilary Clinton

    Even if Hillary Clinton didn't take illegal donations it still reflects on her negatively. Knowing she hired people who take illegal donations reflects as negatively on her as if she took them herself. Anything the sounds negative when it is directed towards a politician will always effects them in a negative way with the news in today's world.

  • The leader is responsible

    Yes, the fact that her supporters took illegal donations does reflect on Hilary Clinton. She probably had nothing to do with the donations and didn't even know about them, but unfortunately the person out in front, with her name on the campaign is ultimately responsible for the actions of the group.

  • Any negative connection affects the candidate

    Whenever any connection or supporter has done something illegal or immoral it always gets traced back to the candidate. Whether it's a question of funding or immoral before the candidate will suffer from the negative publicity in the media. Even Bill's Clinton episode with the cigar and the blue dress from his presidency has found a way to resurface with Hillary Clinton here and there.

    And Donald Trump has his fair share of unethical funding connections as well. The question for this next election though may end up being who has the worse reputation by November? With all the scandals reported in the media, this is what may sway the voters come November.

  • Hillary, While a Liar, Is Not Responsible For the Actions of Her Supporters

    I am the last person to defend Hillary Rodham Clinton, but in this case, she is exempt from any blame. Political leaders cannot control the actions of their supporters. Just look at the "protesters" who appear at both Trump and Clinton events. Their actions are an embarrassment to their candidates, their parties, and themselves. The only way any blame could land on Hillary for this is if she was telling - explicitly or implicitly - her supporters to take illegal donations, which is just not the case here.

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