Does the fact that most people think religious gods are perfect prove that most people dont know right from wrong?

  • If you cant tell that religious gods are extremely imperfect then your morally incompetent.

    Take the christian god for instance. This god put a tree of the knowledge of good and evil in a garden and decided that if the first two people ate from it the entire human race would have have to suffer from evil and hell. Would you punish children for the wrong doings of their parents? And if you would would you punish them forever? Thats not the only part of the bible where god punishes children for the sins of their parents. He did it with the great flood. In exodus 20:5 it says that he punishes the children of the parents who hate him. All throughout the bible god is punsihing children and animals for things that are beyond their control. This god also says that sex is wrong while the results of it (babies) are good and intended by god. It says god makes every kid the way that they are. Now how can this be if he didnt intend on us having sex with multiple partners as we wouldnt have the genes we have if our parents didnt? This gods morality is so far from perfect that he isnt even decent and people think this god is perfect. If you ever wander why the world is so screwed up just look at what people are calling a perfect morality. To be perfect according to religion is to be indecent in all actuality. The only people i can see that deserve hell are those who wish it upon others.

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