Does the fact that most people think their gods are perfect prove that most people dont know right from wrong?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Clearly it does

    Every religions definition of a perfect god contradicts every other religions definition of a perfect god. They cant all be perfect. Most have to be imperfect. The christian god punishes people for their beliefs and punishes children for the sins of their parents. The christian god lets bad people in heaven and shows mercy and sends good people to hell for not believing. No rational person whos mind isnt warped by dogma can believe this is perfection. Its not my fault i dont believe. It is gods fault for making too smart to believe "his" lies.

  • There are many takes on this:

    "Perfect" does not equate across all religions. For some deities it's simply a matter of being in harmony and balance; instead of doing no wrong the deities are simply capable of shifting things back and forth to equilibrium whether that includes miracles or blights. To that end these people are likely more morally and consciously aware than most as they are honed to be intune to injustices and values.

  • Rationalization and dismissal.

    There's tons of gods that aren't considered perfect by any means, so they can be dismissed outright.

    The problem is that when a "perfect" being commits an evil, immoral, or morally dubious act, the person in question is forced to justify the action with a predetermined outcome.

    My (God, Allah, whoever) says that he's perfect. Yet he had an entire city slaughtered, it's children executed, it's women raped, and it's livestock lit on fire. (Knowing internally that these things are wrong)

    Well if he's perfect... Then the city must have been served justice! My god could never do anything wrong, so the immoral acts MUST be justified in some way.

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