Does the fact that people have unyielding faith in God itself prove that God exists?

  • Yes but with an explanation...

    The fact that all mankind shares an innate desire - a yearning - for either God or something more than this life, is a philosophical proof for God's existence. For mankind does not innately desire anything which cannot be satisfied (food, water, sex, love, etc.). Every society throughout human history has acknowledged a creator and an afterlife. It is as though God is imprinted in our DNA.

  • We have faith in God he is real.

    We have faith in God and we know he is real! We have proof Jesus was here and everyone knows that! There were a million miracles showing that he is real. If you don't know he is real and your almighty father then read a book about a miracle! Jesus is real and I know that and im just kid!

  • God itself said to us in the bible that there is no need for you to see a certain thing in order to believe that it exists. That is why it is called faith because you believe in the unseen thing. God is the alpha and the omega there is no question about

    Since the beginning of time, we all know that we do not exist in this world without God. He is the creator of everything, and no one can question it. We don't have to see or touch God in order to justify that he exists. It is through our faith in him that we know he is for real.

    Posted by: H4miJame
  • God created everything and he taught us to have faith and believe in him.

    Just like everything if you don't believe in it then you wont succeed. If you don't have faith in God then he doesn't exist for you. Faith shows us that God is here and that he is watching over us. Just a simple prayer is enough reassurance that he will be here for me and that he is in my life with every step I take.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • Faith in God proves that He exists because the order of the universe and the complexity of human beings and all life must have a divine intelligence that created it.

    There are so many unique discoveries everyday about our world. DNA was discovered and now we know that plants and animals have their own DNA. There has to be a superior and divine intelligence behind this. Some people think that it is frightening to believe in God. It is unbelievable to me to think that our world and all that is around us just came about by an explosion.

    Posted by: takeitoneday
  • Faith is more than enough proof for the existence of God.

    Faith has to be enough reason to prove the existence of a higher power, otherwise, most of the world would be wrong! While faith does prove an existence, it cannot prove an existence in a "certain" god, like Hindu gods versus a Christian god. I think that faith and believing in a higher power should show that everyone does have something in common, and maybe we should all unite more instead of divide into different religious sects.

    Posted by: lachercheuse
  • Faith

    Seeing people's faith makes me believe everyday. Seeing people believe in something so great and seeing how there lives are just better by being involved with the church and giving their lives to god makes me realize that there has to be something greater. That greatness is him.

  • Even though I'm a christian faith isn't proof but there's other proof

    I'm a Christian and i believe in god but just having unyielding faith isn't
    enough to prove that a god exists. Even though i believe in god, others who don't do need proof and just believing isn't proof. Say if we had jesus's DNA and we did a test and it came back as god was the father that would be proof that god exists. But since most religions all rely on faith and faith isn't proof. There is no proof that god exists but the only thing that supports that he dose exist is in the bible and in Christianity. A long time ago science had a lot of thing wrong that the bible had right and that is the only proof we have if you can consider that proof. But otherwise there is no proof. But Christians don't need proof as their proof is their faith and if you don't have faith then you don't have proof.

  • If enough faith in something is evidence...

    Then so many ridiculous things would exist. Jesus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Kamehamehas, ki, chi, qi, it would be crazy. Faith is in no way evidence for anything. Faith is no more evidence than just wanting something to be true. If faith was evidence though, why waste faith on God or jesus? Everyone believe in Goku! He's a much better person.

  • No, faith is not evidence that God exists.

    If you say faith proves God's existence, it would also mean that faith has also proved the existence of hundreds of other God's people of put their belief in through faith rather than evidence. If you think faith proves God's existence, then faith proves that the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists.

  • God has been slowly through hundreds of years of observstion, been disappearing.

    People used to attribute hurricanes as omens and haleys comet as an omen from God. God's have been created from primitive man as a way to describe things we didn't know. Now natural science has been replacing primitive fairy tales since it's inception. And that pattern will continue. Because science is the only thing that makes sense and is provable through testing, ridicule and observable evidence. Science has discovered more about the world in the last 400 years than the bible will ever tell you in two thousand years.

  • Does the sun revolve around the earth?

    Did people's unyielding faith that the sun revolved around the earth prove it true? No. It has been demonstrated that the earth revolves around the sun. This demonstration proves that such unyielding faith can be wrong. Therefore unyielding faith can never be taken as proof of any assertion.

    Nor can any individuals conviction be taken as proof. Any charismatic individual can inspire faith in something, but one only needs to ask for the basis of that individual's faith, and analyze it to determine whether it rest on sound logical premises. So far, faith in God does not.

  • The number of people does not make proof.

    Faith is the absence of objective evidence or any evidence. It is more like wishful thinking or a figment of an imagination than it is truth. The shear number of people having faith in a God does not make that God provable. Therefore, the number of people with faith in a God does not prove anything.

  • Just because people believe in something does not mean it exists.

    The existence of God cannot be proven simply because some people have faith in God. Whether or not something exists is not dependent upon the belief of a certain number of people. This is not to say that people with unyielding faith in God are wrong, simply that their faith does not make it so. For example, many small children believe in the Tooth Fairy; that does not make the Tooth Fairy real.

    Posted by: FairMckinley99
  • I do not believe that some people's unyielding faith in God equates to proof that God exists, because people once had similarly strong faith in the Roman and Greek gods, as well as other deities, that we now know do not exist.

    Over the history of man, people have wrongfully put their faith in a number of different gods and even into concepts like the idea that the Earth was the center of the solar system. In other words, faith alone does not serve as proof that the Christian God or any other god actually exists.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • No, because people have unyielding faith in a lot of things.

    The fact that a large portion of people have unyielding faith in God proves nothing. For one, that faith is spread across multiple gods, who all appear different, have different personalities, and have different philosophies. The faith is not all directed into a specific individual, and so it would not prove the existence of a single god. Secondly, people have unyielding faith in a lot of things that are not necessarily true. These things could range from simple superstition, to concepts that defy science as we know it. This shows that humans' beliefs don't always have to be grounded in any reality, whatsoever.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Believing in God does not make it true of the existence of God, because beliefs themselves are based on faith, not proof.

    Just because one has faith in something, it does not make it true. People believed it was moral to own slaves, and that was reprehensible and wrong. Millions followed Hitler, and it was not right. For centuries, it was believed the Earth was flat, and that was disproved, as was the fact that Earth was not circled by the sun, rather the Earth circled the sun.

    Posted by: AndonNic3r

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