Does the fact that the website was seriously flawed inspire your confidence that the same people can run Obamacare with equal competence?

Asked by: bigdave
Does the fact that the website was seriously flawed inspire your confidence that the same people can run Obamacare with equal competence?
  • Not necessarily the flaws, but the response.

    The healthcare.Gov site's flaws were mainly caused by bandwidth/volume problems - if you want me to state my evidence for these claims, just ask. This is not the kind of thing that gets caught in a private beta test - if you need me to elaborate on this, simply ask in a comment and I'll gladly do so. Guess what they did once the flaws were discovered? They started working on fixing it. This shows that these people are willing to fix things that they know are broken, which suggests that these people are more responsible than an average government official. Again, I must emphasize that this problem is one that could not have been reasonably predicted. They responded to it appropriately.

  • Kinks Are Inevitable!

    If you look at successful programs, companies, products, etc., that exist today, 99% will confess they had kinks when they first started. Bill Gates couldn't get anyone interested in his software, back in the day. More doors were slammed in his face than opened. Yet, today, Microsoft is a household word. When Steve Jobs launched the iPad, it was plagued with tech problems. Xbox One had a release delay. PS3 had problems, too. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has had more than its share of issues. The F-22 Raptor also had a rough start. It happens.

    Does it mean Obamacare is a failure? No. It simply points out kinks that need to be fixed. Does it imply that Obamacare won't be successful? No. As I have already stated, there is plenty of proof that such things are part of any starting process.

  • Thats the most retarded reasoning ive ever heard

    Technical difficulties doesnt mean that its doomed to fail, and to claim that it is is idiotic.... When Grand Theft Auto V was released it had several major bugs that required major attention, and the game still is the most successful game ever made. Diablo 3 and Simcity5 on the other hand had far, far worse releases and they turned out fantastic as well.

    Technical difficulties =/= its doomed to fail, so calm down you idiots

  • Every website has glitches at first.

    I am married to a web developer, and have seen first hand that no matter how talented your programmers are, no matter how well designed the system, there is simply no way to have a website of that size and magnitude launch without incident the first time out of the gate.
    I get glitches on Amazon all the time- doesn't mean I don't think Amazon can get the job done.

  • Because running a website is so much like running a completely untried healthcare system...

    You are trying to compare politics and bureaucracy with computer science and information technology. You have to understand that the website for the ACA had to be designed to handle millions of people going on to it at one time. That's millions of IP addresses, many GB/s to TB/s of data going through those servers all at once. A heathcare plan is a long thought out process of trying to make sure their aren't any loopholes in the system, or major problems with the simplest phrase.

    A bill doesn't take full effect immediately, but everyone hitting a server at once will.

  • Yes, because the same people who run the ACA website are only signing you up for insurance.

    Insurance companies will still be the same inept companies the were before, the government will have NOTHING to do with your type of coverage, the doctor you see, or the treatment your receive no more than they ever did, paranoid freaks. HMO's controlled what doctor you saw...It had to be in their network, didn't it? The type of operation you had was up to your coverage was it not? YES! Unless you could pay out of pocket and it will be like that now. So buck up, you most likely will have the same crappy care you always had and no wellness care.

  • Gov does not run obama care

    1. The states that took the initiative to create their own exchanges are working fine.
    2. The feds do not "run" obama care. Private insurance companies, private doctors, and private/non-profit hospitals "run" obama care. Those who get subsidies from the gov on premiums will have to worry, but the gov is always good giving away entitlements. (right?)
    3. Only the states that acted like children by not handing their own exchange are having problems.

    Posted by: slo1
  • I am deeply concerned

    The department of Health and Human Services has had three years to BETA test the website. They could have gone live on a State by State basis, or found some other means to ease in the website. This website was only for the benefit of 15% of the population. What will happen when Obamacare is extended to a population seven times larger?

    I post this to see who is the first to misinterpret the question and bring in topics like the Tea Party, flying saucers, reptiles, creationism, etc.

    The question is simple enough. If the website crashes with the 15%, what will happen when the other 85% come on board?

  • A band-aid fix.

    The website is a nightmare, they did not need to re-invent the wheel. The problem with the Affordable Health Care Act is simple, it does not get rid of the middle man (insurance company). Healthcare should never be a "for profit" business, that truly is a sick idea if you stop to think about it. A company or business is out to make money off your health issues...Nice. We needed a single payer system that provided a basic level of care for all, or just expanded medicare. But at the same time people could still have the choice to get even better protection through an insurer. This is the right thing to do, people have basic care and also have choice. Right now, we only are pumping more money into the profit making insurance companies. For profit, that is the issue at hand. Let it sink in a for a bit.

  • It shows who is running the ACA. NO NO NO

    For one, the fact that they had 3 years to roll out a healthcare website with extremely reasonable expectations of what kind of server traffic they would experience and yet still horribly failed to do so, scares me. They have had 3 years already to plan everything, and things are still spinning down the toilet.

    Additionally, the fact that they not only hired a Canadian firm to MAKE the website but apparently didn't even check to see if the website actually worked scares me as well because it makes you think about all the other, much more complicated aspects of the ACA that probably haven't been well thought-out yet either.

    The bottom line is this: they promised that everything was going to be perfect, and it obviously is not. They have had 3 years to design a simple website listing plans capable of serving millions of users at any given time, and they have not been able to do it. There is absolutely no demonstration of a responsible commitment to make the ACA work.

    Just because they are in the process of fixing the website doesn't mean that it does not reflect on the fact that the rest of the ACA is likely to fail as well.

  • You are DELUSIONAL!

    I am fascinated by the people on the left willing to carry the president's water for him. They're just parroting his bs about "kinks" and "hiccups" and so on. The product doesn't work, people, this is not a working system with some problems, it's a non-functional system. And having worked on complex projects like this, I can tell you that most likely the code will have to be thrown out and the whole thing done over. And since no one in government can make a decision like that, well, I don't know what will happen, but it ain't gonna be pretty. This is really a tremendous tragedy for this once great nation, to have become so bone deep stupid of a nation.

  • Government is incompetent

    The governments tracked record for properly managing anything outside of the military is dismal. For example, Medicaid, Medicare, US Post Office Welfare entitlement programs are all full of fraud and waste. These programs are all evidence of the bureaucrats ability to correctly manage a business type entity. Government is lousy

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cabaedium says2013-10-21T18:16:30.390
This is called a "leading question," and bigdave should be ashamed of himself. One (of many) better way to phrase it:

"Do you think the initial technical difficulties with healthcare.Gov are indicative of wider problems with the Affordable Care Act as whole?"
bigdave says2013-10-21T20:09:17.630
Cabaedium .... Then why don't you post it that way?
bigdave says2013-10-23T03:05:01.020
As I said originally "I post this to see who is the first to misinterpret the question and bring in topics like the Tea Party, flying saucers, reptiles, creationism, etc."

It seems that many who are presumably pro Obamacare were somehow "inspired" by the flaw itself. Whether a person is anti Obamacare or pro, logic would dictate that both groups would be concerned but for different reasons.
bigdave says2013-10-23T20:30:29.223
It appears that in today's world, passengers on the Titanic would be "inspired" by an iceberg.
bigdave says2013-10-30T02:49:43.987
Sweet Tea .... Your comment about Apple having a bad launch yet no one asked for Jobs to be fired.... If Jobs had spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a product launch you can bet your sweet tea that stockholders would want him removed. Look it up.