Does the fact that there are more museums than Starbucks and McDonalds reflective of our society?

  • More museums better reflects our society

    The fact that there are more museums than Starbucks and McDonald's is a reflection of our society and values. Despite media hype, this proves that we are not just interested in fast food and coffee. We also choose to pursue knowledge and culture. Otherwise, there would not be as many museums.

  • The fact that there is more museums does reflect our society

    I believe that there being more museums than Starbucks and McDonalds does reflect our society. More and more people are interested in many different types of museums, and those people are also being more conscious about their money and their health. It's a growing trend, which is good for society as a whole.

  • Food vs. Culture

    A society has many facets; you cannot judge a society purely on the number of places dedicated to the arts vs. the number of places that serve fast foods. Culture and food preferences are two separate things, both reflective of that society, but different in nature. The number of museums, and other places to enjoy the arts, reflect our appreciation for such things. The number of fast food restaurants, like Starbucks and McDonald's, merely reflects our desire for the fast and easy option to eat or drink.

  • They are apples and oranges

    No, the fact that there are more museums than Starbucks and McDonalds doesn't reflect on our society, because the two things serve different purposes. A museum can serve many people at once. In addition, a person needs to eat every day, while people don't need to go to a museum every single day in order to stay alive. They serve opposite functions that can't be compared.

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