• Why wouldn't it?

    Personally I preferred "before I die" as to how it was written, style and excitement. But all together TFIOS was what it set out to be. It has also had a wonderful meaning to it, that really hit hard to kids. As long as kids are reading who cares! If not at least the movie leaves them thinking.

  • So long as it's not adults it's fine:

    Who cares what teens vote for? It's not a good movie, or an original movie, or an original concept, but it's for kids and kids are going to vote on whatever's made for kids so ... Let them. I support the idea of allowing kids to vote on whatever limited choices they can make.

  • The Awards are based on opinions, and if people liked it then, yes.

    I don't know that it really matters how many awards a film gets, it doesn't really seem to affect much as far as the general public is concerned but the awards are granted based on the opinions of people that are in the movie industry. If they deemed the movie worthy of acclaim, then it's fine with me.

  • Yes, I believe it does

    I think it is a great love story for teens and I think both stars did great in that movie. I think teens need to think more about others, especially those who are sick and hurting and I think this movie shows them a lot about life and how precious it is.

  • Yes, it does

    Fault In Our Stars had a huge following and did great in the theaters and should win the Teen Choice Awards. My two daughters loved it they had read the book multiple times. There is such a big presence of it on social media that it definitely should get some recognitition.

  • The Fault in our Stars shines

    The Fault in Our Stars definitely deserves all the Teen Choice awards based on subject matter alone. This was a big leap to make a movie for teens about cancer. With a star studded cast and forward thinking subject matter, it touched the hearts of so many. Cancer is not age defined and it is nice to see such a movie pick up the credit it deserved.

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