• What happened to "Land of the Free???"

    The FBI and government in general have too much power. This is more like a dictatorship, not a Republic. Why do they have the right to step all over the constitution? We have certain freedoms given by God that cannot be taken away from us, and privacy and religion are two of them. The government has no right to tell us how to live our lives, and the FBI has no right to trespass on what is rightfully ours. What we watch on tv, do in our homes, and look up on the internet is our business, not their's.

  • No, it does a fine job.

    No, the FBI does not need to be reformed, because it operates efficiently. There are scandals within the CIA, and there are stories of divided loyalty, but you don't hear the same stories out of the FBI. The FBI appears to provide competent service assisting law enforcement agencies on handling large cases. There is no reason to change them.

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