Does the federal background check system for gun buyers work?

  • It will most of the time.

    If you know someone just got out of jail for murder, you wouldn't let them buy a gun. However, there is a problem. There are people with clean records that have no problem with buying weapons and then selling them to criminals. There's also the fact that people with clean records are just as capable of wrongdoing as any other criminal. If we can find a way to resolve those issues, then I think background checks would work perfectly.

  • When it's utilized

    The problem with background checks is how many ways there are around needing to go though one. Background checks will work if making them mandatory is enforced, the problem is idiots at gun shows selling their scattergun out of ma and pa's trailer and nobody holding them accountable when the gun is used maliciously

  • Yes, It Does

    The background check system in the USA for firearms purchases works just fine. While there may be a larger debate about background checks at gun shows, the current system in place is working just fine. Every day across the USA, individuals who are not qualified to own a gun a prevented from buying one thanks to our current system in place.

  • Yes

    People who buy guns legally and go through all the required legal hoops and jumps very rarely go and commit violent crimes. People with histories and charges are not granted the ability to get guns, which at least keeps legal guns out of dangerous hands, making it slightly more difficult for criminals to get them.

  • It Will Work

    Requiring background checks for people that purchase guns will work. It will ensure that people who are criminals or do not need to have guns cannot get a hold of them. It also makes sure that minors cannot be in the possession of guns. I believe it works and will continue to.

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