• A country to themselves doesn't work

    Feed a man a fish he has food for a day teach a man to fish he has food for life, take that same man and put him on a reservation and now he is dependent on others for everything. Give them their land but now they are USA citizens and can sell their land or produce on it but no more handouts. Give them their dignity back.

  • Quite the opposite.

    I think the government has done too much. What I mean is: If you look at the Native Americans the government has helped as opposed to the tribes who have refused government aid, you see a vast disparity. The tribes who chose to help themselves are doing much better. That's the important difference. When government takes its hands off, people struggle at first but eventually thrive.

  • Yes because it is too late

    I do think that today the government does enough for Native Americans. They have their own section of land and are protected. I think that in the past we messed up greatly with the treatment of Native Americans but we can no longer fix that. So in the past it was a no, but today it is a yes.

  • Yes, the USA does a lot to help Native Americans.

    I definitely think that the government of the United States does a lot to help Native Americans in the United States today. I think that the government actually does too much. Native Americans get way too many benefits and assistance from the government. I think there needs to be some changes.

  • We owe a lot more

    We should give something back to them because we were wrong to take there things and homes in the first place. These people did nothing to harm us, We took these homes and forced theses intense people into doing things they should have never done. We separated these family's, We harmed these people, We abused them, And this was there territory first and we should have never forced them out of there homes.

  • The help they get isn't as helpful as you may think.

    They've erased their cultures and traditions for centuries, they've pushed them away from their homes and tribal lands. The help they get isn't as helpful as some may believe- they still face discrimination and they still struggle. Reservations sometimes may not be big enough for a whole tribe and housing is difficult to find when you're a native. It's hard to get an education for them. They live in poverty. They face police brutality based on race. The one thing that the natives could do is to speak up, not just about things like the dapl but in general. Fight back against those who do not treat you right.

  • Not All Of Them

    Many Native Americans have integrated into American society and in my opinion, this is really their best option. The United States made some really bad decisions regarding the natural inhabitants of this land and some of their ancestors are still stuck on reservations on lands that are virtually useless, far removed from society. We should do more to rectify these situations.

  • No, they owe a lot more.

    The Native Americans have been persecuted for centuries and there is still a lot of stigma and racial stereotyping. Most of this comes from the way the government and the way the treated the Natives when the settlers first came over. Many tribes were labeled and driven back off their own lands for the sake of expanding population. Some were corralled to concentration death camps. The government should continue to make restitution.

  • They push them into corners out of the way

    No, I do not believe that the federal government does enough to help the Native Americans in the United States today. I think that they push them into reservations in order to keep them out of the way. They give them a couple rights that are not nearly enough, see that their land was taken from them not vice versa.

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