Does the federal government have more power than our Founding Fathers intended?

Asked by: Thunderup95
  • Individual liberty were their intentions.

    George Washington warned us of two specific things when he resigned from office.
    The first was the creation of two political parties and how they will divide America in the future, so far that seems pretty accurate.
    The other was that it would be unwise to make permanent alliances with foreign nations.

    We the People of the United States have allowed our government to get too big and it's only getting bigger. We need to stop defining ourselves as republican or democrat and just focus on what our founding fathers wanted. They wanted liberty, and we are sacrificing rights out of fear that is mostly propaganda made by the media. Ron Paul said we are responsible for 9/11 which is 100% accurate. We did not do 9/11, but we are responsible. The US government has acted like we are the police of the world. We should not concern ourselves with other countries. The military was built for defense, yet we spend so much money working on the offense.

    The Federal government has also violated the Constitution by taking many rights away from the states. States should be in charge of education, of environmental laws, and many others. We need a leader in our office who will hold our government accountable to the Constitution, and that leader is Rand Paul.

  • Absolutely but thats not a bad thing

    If the founding fathers were alive today they would be so far to the libertarian right that no one would take them seriously. The balance of power between the federal government and the states has changed over time particularly in the FDR era and the Eisenhower administration, due to the New Deal as well as Eisenhowera nee system of incentivising states to change their laws. However I dont think personally that it is a bad thing i prefer the federal government having supremecy the states because it does a better job of protecting civil rights. Throughout the enyire country.
    Also i hate when people say something is good or bad just because "the founding fathers said so" that doesnt mean theyre right. Think for yourself people.

  • Yes, far more.

    The federal government should be concerned with national defense, preventing unchecked immigration (also goes toward defense) and inter-state crimes (murder, rape, the serious stuff). The rest, it should butt it's nose out. States should have the ability to have their individual laws as determined by the people living there, as intended with the constitution.

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