Does the federal government make too much off student loans?

  • The interest rate of student loans is too high.

    The U.S government makes 1.2 billion each year. That is way too much, all of the students that pay their student loans don't have much money left to pay bills or groceries. 1.2 billion. We need to lower the interest rate to 3.25% for a bachelor degree. Thank you for listing.

  • Yes, I believe the that federal government makes too much money off of student loans

    Yes, I do believe that the federal government makes way too much money off of student loans. The interest rates alone this past year on student loans have doubled which is going to make it harder for students to repay them when they graduate. The new financial bubble that is blowing up is student loans.

  • Student Loans Deterrents

    Student loans are deterrents to the economy rather than an effort to make the federal government money. Student loans are not in place as big business. Student loans are there to educate Americans as a helpmate to having talented individuals to run the government but not to fund government treasuries.

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