Does the federal government threaten personal rights and freedoms?

  • It currently does.

    As it stands the federal government stands as a huge threat to personal freedom and rights. Things like the PATRIOT Act, certain executive orders, and phone tapping all are authorized by the government and are in direct violation the United States Constitution. Their accountability is low and their pockets are full.

  • Everyday!

    The laws that have been passed since 9/11 demonstrate that the federal government will make an excuse to do anything that violates a person's rights! The government can listen in on anyone's personal conversation over the phone if they believe that person is involved with terrorism. I believe they will use that as an excuse, so they can solve their personal agenda!

  • Yes They Do

    The federal government of the United States threatens our personal rights and freedoms every day. The keep pushing the boundaries of what is just and what is constitutional. With the Patriot Act, the government gave itself the right to spy on citizens. Now the government can tap your phone, read your e-mails, and invade your privacy, all without a court warrant.

  • It Depends On The Branch Of The Government

    The federal government is not a monolithic entity, and it is not wise to adopt a "them versus us" attitude. The founders set up the separation of powers intentionally, and a lot of the time, separate branches of the government are too busy competing with each other. Sure, there are positions the government takes that are not friendly towards the average citizen, but America is not becoming an oppressive regime any time soon.

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