Does the Flint, MI water crisis prove that the governor's appointment of an Emergency Manager is a failed experiment?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Words fail to describe this utterly abominable, criminal, egregious incompetence. This water problem has been going on for long time now. Rick Snyder and co should have been made to drink that water. It took a resident reaching out to the EPA, the same maligned "Big Govt" EPA, to get the water tested. Can you imagine being poor in Flint, and it's not hard, and unable to afford bottled water? What happened in Flint is a crime. I hope someone goes to jail eventually.

  • The governor's appointment of an Emergency Manager is a failed experiment.

    The Flint Michigan water crisis has been an ongoing issue. A matter which seems to go unresolved. The governor's appointment of an Emergency Manager hasn't proven very successful. Simply adding more bureaucrats to the mix are not always the solution to the problem. Michigan needs a hands on person to solve this crisis.

  • No it doesn't.

    The Flint MI water crisis doesn't prove the governor's appointment of an "Emergency Manager" is a failed experiment.An "Emergency Manager" can be very useful in helping reduce the destruction and cost of natural disasters and emergencies.However, in this particular case it may have failed due to poor implementation and organisation.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I do not believe that this unfortunate incident, where four emergency managers were charged with conspiring to operate the Flint Water Treatment Plant when it was not safe to do so, means that emergency managers in general can be deemed a "failed experiment. This is a case of four individual human beings doing the wrong thing.

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