• Great Recession Proves It

    The free market system does destroy America. One has only to look at the Great Depression and the Great Recession to realize that businesses and companies have profits in mind as opposed to ordinary people. Main Street wasn't bailed out in 2008, but Wall Street was loaned billions of dollars just so millions of minimum wage workers could keep their jobs. The free market system constantly wrecks our consumer-based society. What companies don't realize is that paying their workers more means more consumer spending and more profits for companies. We all know that trickle-down economies doesn't work because it takes money out of the hands of the people who spend money. Large profiteers are destroying consumers on a daily basis.

  • Yes It Does

    Capitalism supports a free market system and it is the same system that has left the majority of Americans in poverty as corporations rise by stepping on all the people below them. It's like a game of Monopoly that never gets reset. This is precisely why free markets are so dangerous. They have certainly destroyed America.

  • The Free Market regulates itself.

    The free market will always regulate itself. Those who reap the benefits of the market will not let it fail, for if they do, they will have no more source of profit. Those at the top of the market will always be able to maintain the market economy because without it, they have nothing.

  • Let the "Invisible Hand" Live!

    The free market system does not destroy America. As famous economist Adam Smith had said their is self-regulation through an invisible hand in the system. As long as people want certain things, companies will make it for them. A free-market system is mutually beneficial. In terms of its effects in America; we have more of a mixed economy as opposed to a free-market because there is government regulation as well as the "invisible hand"

  • It made us rich.

    No, the free market system does not destroy America, because the free market system is what made us rich when we did not have a lot of other infrastructure. We were not populated coast to coast. We did not even have a solid education system. But we got rich because the free market allowed us to keep what we made.

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