• Yes, the FIA adequately promotes government disclosure.

    I think that the Freedom of Information Act does adequately promot government disclosure. I think that it is a great policy that allows the average citizen to get information from his or her government. The only thing the policy stops short of is revealing info that might be dangerous to the nation.

  • Functioning With Facts

    The legislative branch of the government relies on as many legal principles and requirements for disclosure to make decisions as a small-town lawyer representing a person accused of theft. While the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ (which also includes all access to emails from people that are more than three months old regardless of status of the message) does seem to have all the groundwork for being the answer to disclosure for something as large and difficult to inform as the entire legislative branch, it is an answer never before attempted. It seems to be working adequately since its introduction in 1966, there are still numerous masses of information left out of federal cases including those that investigate and create laws based upon cases involving heinous crimes like kidnapping and grand larceny. In many of those cases huge quantities of information have plenty of time to be disposed of before being properly represented to the legislative branch. While the act itself does seem to be working well enough, it could no doubt use some improvement.

  • Governments don't follow it.

    Once, I had to travel for a FOIA request. I was told to show up in person, which is not the law. I even stayed in a hotel, only to arrive there and be told the person was on vacation. They then said there were no records. I found out later there were records. They lied to me multiple times.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) adequately promotes government disclosure. Documents obtained through this system are often blacked out to the point that they are unintelligible. Many pieces of information are held and not released, even when they are requested for. If anything the FOIA is simply a ruse to make one think they can obtain information, when in reality, they can not.

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