Does the general citizen understand politics?

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  • Winston Churchill Knew!

    Winston Churchill once said ""The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." I think this proves that the normal citizen is pretty ignorant and indifferent towards politics. Aswell as considering the increasing recognition and awareness of, quite frankly, the stupidity of people because of failing education or just the laziness of those particular people.

  • Today's teenagers graduate not even knowing their history

    According to a friend who I wish had more time for me, there are teenagers who graduate from high school not knowing their history right, especially about the thirteen colonies, which integrates with politics. I believe they also get away with getting low grades in government class as well. A former board member of my local chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State claims that 20-somethings would never care about separation of church and state. Maybe so, but I hope she is eventually proven wrong. ALL ages need to understand government so that they can know what they're voting for or against.

  • Huge amounts need to be known to make an informed decision.

    You'd likely need to do the equivalent of a degree to have a fully informed view on politics. It effectively spans every potentially contentious issue, including many that haven't yet emerged but will do as technology advances. Unfortunately, schools don't seem to teach it or any kind of interest in it. Whether this is because political leaders prefer an ignorant electorate or are simply incompetent, I don't know.

    The average DDO user is likely more informed than most and more concerned with establishing truth yet most of us (including myself) are woefully uninformed on the majority of political issues.

  • No they don't...Most are to distracted to care

    Very few of the American citizens realize how full of propaganda politics is. Most also fail to realize how far reaching that propaganda goes. And the worst of it is , we no longer have a press but media news outlets instead. Most of the politicians have very cozy relationships with the news networks and the news that gets out is filtered by political affiliation.

  • Lol, not even close

    I'm not going to pretend that I know enough politics to decide how things should actually work, so I'm not in politics.

    Regardless, when people make fun of the government, it just makes me feel like the government caters to a ton of idiots. It must be a sad job being president.

  • I do not think so:

    I recently got out of a scuffle with a man who believed that the eight amendment could be used to rightfully defend against a speeding ticket because he felt it was too expensive and therefore an "excessive fine". This made me realize that the state of affairs regarding pivotal governmental knowledge is so poor that there is simply no hope for the general populace who, at best, makes up things because they don't understand them taking them with almost no critical consideration.

    He got really mad when I laughed at him. :/

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-24T09:11:27.557
More than one might think though. My grandmother, who has never learnt to read and write, knows what filibusters are for...