Does the genetic engineering of embryos devalue human life?

  • Would there be no more unique people in the world?

    I think that it would be wrong to engineer the embryo. Why? Because there wouldnt be any uniqueness or originality in this world if everyone decided to do this. I mean, why cant you love the child you make for who they are? Why must you change something about them, before you even know them? You are probably a horrible person. What if (s)he gets cancer? Then, would you no longer love your child? No you probably are selfish (and I understand why you would be) and want to keep that child alive and healthy. And I understand that. But that child was probably supposed to make a difference in someone's life. Because of their sickness. Ever thought of that? Ever thought of the fact that, that sick child was supposed to die at the age (s)he was suppose to die, because its how life goes? Probably not. Things happen for a reason. Even if its for the crappiest reason.

  • Yes, because it indicates some people are less valuable than others.

    If we can go in and "edit" certain human characteristics, we do indicate that people with those characteristics are worth less than those with others. It is consistent with other tragic tendencies in society, such as the massive abortion for Down syndrome children, or selective-sex abortion, in which parents are being encouraged to play with nature to choose the kind of child they want to have, rather than accepting any life as created by God and valuable for its own sake.

  • Yes, the genetic engineering of embryos devalues human life.

    Even though this genetic engineering of embryos aims at improving human life mostly by helping people with diseases especially due to genetic problems, this technique could be used for different purposes. For example, this techniques starts to be used to improve human function, from that moment on human life starts to become a robot.

  • We Need To Give Everyone A Fair Shot At Life

    Genetically engineering embryos may sound like a good idea at first. Being able to alter the health outlook, talents or appearance of a child may be desirable. The problem is that not every embryo would be engineered, and the poor would most likely be cut out. There are already large class differences out there, and it seems unfair to start from birth.

  • Selective genetic engineering is dangerous

    I don't believe that embryos should be genetic altered or developed. I believe that knowledge of genetic science isn't at the point to understanding the long term ramifications of gene manipulation. I believe the natural selection process is the most worth while process for reproduction. I do believe in gene therapy and selective genetic screening though.

  • A Life is a Life

    A human life is a human life, no matter the genetic makeup of the body. Genetic engineering of embryos are important to the scientific advancement of humans still living. Understanding primitive embryos for science furthers our knowledge of life in general and helps us understand how the process of life works.

  • No, the genetic engineering of embryos does not devalue human life.

    No, I believe that the genetic engineering of embryos does not devalue human life. Although genetic engineering and cloning have been under intense criticism for what many people consider unethical, the reality is that genetic engineering is not devaluing human life in any way, and in fact it is actually helping people in many ways. The possibilities of genetic engineering are endless, but a few of the positive outcomes are that it can help scientists come up with cures to certain diseases, and its can also help those that are in severe need of some type of medical attention which cannot normally be granted to them, such as the need for an organ donor or blood transfusion.

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