Does the GOP need a better relationship with Latinos?

  • Yes the GOP does need a better relationship with Latinos.

    Latinos are a very vital part of the voting process and losing their vote could be the deciding point on the election. Latinos make up a large percentage of the population, and with more and more Latinos becoming educated in the electoral process, it is vital for the GOP to build better relations with the Latino people in order to have their support.

  • Yes, the GOP's relationship with the Latino community is nonexistent and it is not getting any better.

    The GOP is only reaching out to the Latino community because they want more votes. The Republicans saw that there was a very small amount of people who identify as Latino who voted for Presidential Candidate Romney. They are trying to mend this relationship only to have their votes in the next big election. I think they do not truly care about Latinos in the way they should.

  • Yes they do because they must unite people and not separate them.

    If the Grand Old Party hopes to ever win another election for the office of the President of the United States, then they better work on their relationship with Hispanics. That group is the fastest growing segment of the US population, and is vital for anyone who wants to be elected.

  • Yes, without a doubt.

    The GOP's attacks as well as conservative talks on Fox News of Latinos in the past, has not made them likable in the Latin community, in or outside of America. The GOP needs to change their stance and their wording and Embrace Latinos not only in America, ones that are trying to make a living here on our country.

  • Yes, it does

    Yes, I believe the GOP needs a better relationship with Latinos. In all actuality, the GOP needs a better relationship with everyone. The party needs to seriously re-evaluate itself and reach out to all Americans, especially our growing population of Latinos in the United States. If the GOP does this, it will be a more sustainable party.

  • Yes the GOP needs to improve its relationship with the Latino community, as well as other minorities, if they expect to win a presidential election.

    The GOP's long standing objections to immigration reform and paths to United States citizenship for law abiding Latinos who were brought to the US as children and raised here has resulted in the GOP being seen as anti Latino and anti family.

    The Latino is the fastest growing segment of the American population and, as seen in the 2012 Presidential election, when mobilized can swing an elections with the power of their voting block.

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