Does the GOP need to stand up to intolerance in the party?

  • No, there is no need

    Specifically, there is no need because there is no intolerance in the GOP. That's just a leftist characterization. The GOP is the ultimate party of all; they don't believe in pandering to any groups. Of course, this makes them ripe for attack by those who believe certain groups should be pandered to.

  • Yes, intolerance in that party has created suspicion and adversity

    The stances that the GOP took initially involving opposition to certain minority groups and demographics was successful in creating support an energy among certain groups of people, and exploited unresolved doubt and resentment hidden within the population. However, allowing these same positions to exist, even in the background, is having the effect of making the GOP appear completely out of touch. Of course, it is an unhealthy and unproductive practice in general, but now there are very few strategic reasons not to aggressively oppose intolerance.

  • Yes.

    GOP's "no gay marriage", "no new taxes", and etc. are by definition "intolerance" and the unwillingless or inability to compromise. For the past three decades, GOP has won concession after concession from the Democratic party, and yet they are wondering why Democrats in Congress have a hard time coming to the table with GOP. GOP's intolerance of opposing ideals would have made it a nonexistent party, if it were not for its large financial base.

  • If they want to survive as a party, they must.

    The GOP must realize that America is changing and that rich white men do not have complete power over the populous any more. As America becomes more diverse the GOP cannot continue its attack on minorities and women and still expect to be respected or elected into office. Their views perpetuate outdated views and must be stopped in order to allow the country to move forward.

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