• Not a huge topic

    Yes, the government does create enough bioethics jobs, because this is not a very large topic, and does not need a whole lot of positions. The job positions that could be open for this issue are put on more important things, that the public cares more about, and can relate to.

  • The government does not create jobs.

    Yes, the government creates enough bioethics jobs, because it is not the proper authority of the government to create jobs. All the government can do is take taxes from real jobs that exist, and redistribute the money to other people. The government should not be picking winners or loses in business, because that is always inefficient.

  • Not The Governments Job

    I do not believe it is the governments job to create bioethics jobs. This is primarily the responsibility of businesses and if they don't need to hire someone with a bioethics degree then they obviously shouldn't. There is no guarantee that there is going to be jobs in any specific field of work.

  • The government should create more jobs based on bioethics

    The government does not create enough bioethics jobs. Although the Federal government creates jobs based on protection of citizens and animals, the bioethics angle of protection is not addressed enough. The government would do better to create panels based on jobs researching effects of pharmaceutical medicines on families, communities, and farm animals, for example.

  • People Don't Aspire to be Bioethicists

    It's not the job of the government to create bioethics jobs. Plus, I don't think many five-year-old children aspire to be bioethicists at that age. There simply aren't a lot of bioethics jobs because there isn't a need for them. Our ethics doesn't come from science, it comes from several factors including history, religion and philosophy.

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