Does the government cross the line with general welfare?

  • Government Offers Too Much Welfare

    Unfortunately, the United States government offers too much general welfare in this day and age. The country continues to give billions of dollars to the citizens rather than investing in the infrastructure and education of the United States. We're making a huge mistake by giving so much money to the poor.

  • We are reaching a tipping point in the welfare system

    With so many public projects that need to be done in this country, and a whole class of people that think they've been abandoned by all but the welfare state, there's no reason to not put these people to work rebuilding schools, roads, and infrastructure. There's a lot of people out there that need a hand up, and the government is becoming the place for a hand out.

  • Yes, there are too many handouts.

    Yes, the government crosses the line with general welfare, because humans were never intended to be handed everything they need by the government. The federal government also thinks they can control every little thing we think or do, down to what is in the good we eat, all under the guise of taking care of us. It is too far.

  • Yes, the government crosses the line with general welfare

    The government has always had a large effect on the lives of us all in our community. In recent years, we have seen that the general welfare in our lives is degrading. Jobs are becoming harder to find, our rate of pay is less, and health care options are being forced on us. The government is definitely crossing the line with our general welfare.

  • Some Welfare Good

    The government crosses the line by giving out too much welfare. In general, welfare is good to help people in emergencies. However, long-term welfare is bad in that it increases the burden of taxpayers. The Founding Fathers didn't sit around and wait for handouts from King George III and neither should contemporary Americans wait around for Uncle Sam to save them.

  • Yes and No

    I don't really think that the government crosses a line with general welfare because it is necessary. The way this country has become, welfare is a necessary evil. I do not think that helping others is evil, I just think that the system has become something that isn't good. Helping people through tough times is great, but there needs to be a permanent solution to getting people back on their feet. Giving them free food (let's face it, cheetos and coke) is not the answer. There needs to be enough jobs for people and they need to be paid a living wage. Housing and food should not cost so much so people can actually survive.

  • They do not.

    The government does not cross the line with general welfare. What they need to do it be sure that they are not being scammed by people who do not really need it. They also need to be sure that the families that really do need it are actually getting it.

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