Does the government have the right to enforce a dress code?

Asked by: williamfoote
  • Isn't there such a word as appropriate?

    When kids go to public school, isn't there such thing as appropriate clothing? Is it ok for a middle school girl to go to school with a mini skirt (without panties),stripper heels, and a belly shirt with excessive make-up? No. The same goes for young boys. It seems to me people would love to see millions of Miley Cyrus' everywhere in schools near you. Some clothing just isn't appropriate and some is offensive (this includes barely any clothing). What if someone came into school with a shirt that made a joke out of the Native Americans being killed during Thanksgiving. Wouldn't that be wrong? Or what if someone brought in a shirt that said "Kill ALL Jews". How would you feel about that? What about those shirts that discriminate against a certain sex (male or female) which degrade them? Isn't there at some point a state of normalcy or is normalcy to cease to exist?

  • Enforcement on dress code is a must

    If we(government) don't start enforcing now maybe it's too late then. The future has to be more organized than now, and we really ruined the world by having so many class of people. The rich, the poor, and the common. For serous now, no one wants students dressing up like a jerk or a gangster. We want nicely dressed boys and girls going to school, not gangsters. I personally think that Japan did a real good job on this.

  • Makes Schools and Businesses look more serious!

    Think about walking into a school or business where they all wore pajamas or slutty hooker boot. Would you attend that school! I'm sure your parents wouldn't want you to attend that school. Dress code helps people learn how to express them selves socially. You shouldn't need expensive clothes to impress people, you should have manners and be respectful to be known good socially. Also people could wear gang sign and weed symbols all over the school! Let me ask again, would you go to that school?

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  • No, unless we live in Communist China.

    Whenever the government tries to enforce a dress code, we can be pretty sure that it is a reactionary system that is trying to rule every aspect of its citizens' lives. What usually goes along with that is slave labor, poverty, and imprisonment for free thinking and speaking out and that's not what we want.

  • Would you like them to confiscate your clothing?

    The PTA rules on such things. If they want to do that, they can. But thats not up to the federal government. People deserve to show their personality. We have state wide decency laws, which are a rather different thing entirely. Remember when communist china did that to everyone? It did not go well.

  • No way in hell.

    For a government to enforce a dress code is against our rights. It's one thing to have school or work regulations on what to wear, but in public, people should be allowed freedom of expression. For one, it's their life, so why does it matter what they wear? If a woman wants to wear a tight, strapless dress with little to imagine, let her. If a man wants to wear baggy jeans and show off his boxers, let him. If you have a problem with it, just do not look. Secondly, it is a core part of our constitution that we are allowed the freedom of speech, which entails the ability to 'speak' however we please, including through our outward appearance.

  • No thank you, I'll continue to wear what I want

    Arguing that certain types of clothing are potentially offensive or inappropriate is no reason to create a dress code in the United States, since it would not eliminate the core 'problem'. If there's a shirt badmouthing a certain president, for example, banning the shirt wouldn't affect the message behind the shirt.
    Enforcing such a policy would completely spit in the face of personal freedom. The government doesn't need to, nor does it have the right to, intrude on peoples' lives to such a degree.

  • No dress code

    There should be no dress code because people have their free will. They also can not control over the people like in the wrinkle in time when IT got Meg and her brothers and even also his dad. You cant also take over because the people might make the person-in-charge of that cournty, state, or couty being impeached and not having a leader for quite some time that may lead to more catothrosphic things like rallys.

  • No they do not

    That's so stupid why would they want to do that ? If they can not get schools to even enforce school uniforms or even health care for that matter why do they think they can create and use an effective dress code plus who would want to follow some stupid dress code while in public I mean come on people would you really want to have to follow a dress code in public? I know I wouldn't.

  • An individual should choose their own outward appearance.

    In any situation and under any ruling body, one of the first and most finalized steps to a detrimental state of government is regulating wholly personal procedures by chaining people with illegitimate expectations and binding them by their own sense of immaculate presentation. The thing about how you look is that you garner pride or shame in that appearance based upon your own personal standards. How you dress affects how you act and why you act that way, and clothes in general allow us to perceive others in a very helpful premature light. If we were regulated in what we wore, it'd be the first step to a very awful idealistic sense of equality. In the end, it's the stance between whether we want a society we can personally conform to and participate in in our own skins, or if we want to resemble Ayn Rand's Anthem.

  • The government does not have the right to enforce a dress code!

    Since when does the government have the right to tell a person what to wear or what to look like? The first amendment gives people the right of free speech, which allows a person to speak through their clothing, their body, their dialect/slang etc. As long as he/she is not endangering national security, justice, or personal safety and last time I checked a person that looked different was doing no endangering anyone or anything with his/her appearance.

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TheShamelessTruth says2013-12-06T05:14:02.570
All governments enforce a dress code to some extent. You can't walk around naked in public, it's illegal. It may not be strict in America but that is our dress code. While other countries have harsher dress codes, especially for women.