• They don't think the public can handle the truth.

    They keep everything hidden away from the public ear, all the fun stuff that is. I'm not talking about alien life or stupid nonsense like that, but say if our world was coming to an end due to a super volcanic eruption or just some way that is not visibly noticeable until it actually happens and its to late. They would not tell us. They would bunker down and attempt to save them selves if they thought it was possible. They don't believe people could handle the truth is what I'm getting at. That was just an example, may not be realistic but you see what I'm saying. Power. They unfortunately will always know what we don't. Havoc would unfortunately break loose depending on the secret, this is a difficult topic because its so broad. There are somethings that should probably be kept secret, but I'm sure there is a lot of stuff we don't know just because the douche bags in suits want power, and they get a hard on knowing something the rest of the world doesn't. This is just my opinion, reality is a bitch people.

  • Governments should hold secrets but to some level

    Criticisms made by the public when information is given to the public is a factor that hinders development.The idea may be good but the remarks made by the general public may cause de government to dissolve the idea.Releasing intimate or very important information is very harmful because people all around the world can have access to it and if bad may cause the nation to loose its foreign investors and foreign partners.It is therefore not any information that the government has to bring out

  • It's classified for a reason.

    I believe that the government should be allowed to keep information from the people. Many say that we are the government, and therefore should have the right to see the information too. We are the government, however, we elect people into the government for a reason-- because we trust them, support them, and respect their decisions. As much as there may be corrupt people within the government, there will be similar consequences by allowing access to certain information. Some information is kept secret for a reason: to protect us, and to allow it to keep its effectiveness by making sure the enemies don't see it.
    I do believe that there is a limit on what should be kept secret, of course. But our trust needs to lay within the government-- the people who we elected into their positions and authority.

  • Government Secrets Should Not Be Allowed

    I do not believe that government should keep classified information secret from the people. However, the government has implemented plenty of laws that allow them to do just that, therefore my opinion means little and does not change the fact that it is allowed. There is tons of information ties up in classified documents that most Americans will never be aware of.

  • By definition yes

    Classified things are classified for a reason, it is sensitive information that could be misused to harm our country. We all knew stuff was kept a secret, and no mater how many polititions vow to open the doors to our gov, they realize that it cant be done. Obama vowed to open the gov and now look at whats happening. Its classified for a reason. Who do YOU think you are, wanting to give our plans to terrorists. This shouldnt even be an issue to people

  • Individuals are intelligent, the masses are not. And not all individuals are intelligent or informed enough to make good decisions.

    Yes the government is entitled to keep secrets, especially secrets (that if leaked) could harm the safety and welfare of its citizens, damage foreign relations that protect citizens working/traveling abroad, foreign relations that protect the economic relationships between nations that help the nation and its citizens. Revealing secrets can sometimes do more harm than good, especially if we are talking about secrets at a government level.

  • Though as American people we control the government, it is necessary to withhold some potentially harmful information from the more irresponsible american people who also control the government

    One of the important factors that make this country so great is that foreigners are allowed to create a new life for themselves with no discrimination by dictatorial governments. Though many in the past that created our diverse population have contributed to the US, there are many who would use that against us. To advertise all our decisions and operations would be virtually suicide! Not to mention our first amendment, any teenager with a Facebook account not thinking clearly giving out all our secret information? No, that would be the death of democracy. Also take into account how impressionable some are in America, any dangerous information given by the government misheard could lead to mass panic, riots in the streets, anarchy. Sometimes we must actually trust our politicians to know what is best for us, which is hard... because so many are untrustworthy. But we keep going, must mean some of our leaders are looking out for us. The system has worked for two hundred years, lets not screw it up to badly.

  • Government secrets are government secrets, and the people do not have an innate right to this information.

    While we all may like open information, the concept isn't entirely realistic. Governments have secrets. The government is fully allowed to keep secrets. There is no innate law or right within the government for absolute freedom of information. Governments have every right to keep information secret, if they wish, just as individuals have every right to keep information secret from others.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Within reason.

    Government need to be transparent to a point. There is a need for security and protection of the country and its people. However, governments are still to be held accountable for its deeds and type of secrecy when found to be a detriment to the individual or its people.

  • Yes i think so

    Just because i said so and therefore im right. Just because i said so and therefore im right. Just because i said so and therefore im right. Just because i said so and therefore im right. Just because i said so and therefore im right. Just because i said so and therefore im right. Just because i said so and therefore im right.

  • We are the government

    However, are there laws or anything of that nature that states that the government is allowed to keep secrets? The American people are the government. And if we are paying for the government and it is our lives at stake, then why shouldnt we have to right to know what is going on with the government that is shadowing over our lives and supposedly looking at our best interests in every decision they make?

  • They are usually corrupt and just abuse power and will save themselves when the country is in danger.

    I agree with everyone here ok? I see both sides and where y'all are coming from but when they hide stuff that's the same as lying to us. I agree that some things can be used badly in wrong hands but still they need to tell us everything and let EVERYONE decide for themselves. We are not like cattle to just be led around we have brains let us think for ourselves.

  • The governments job is to serve us and informing us and not keeping secrets is a part of that.

    Because I don't want to have someone lie to me and I don't think that you would either. We are a democracy and the people run the government. Therefore we should have a say in what is going on but we cant if they with hold information from us. Thank you.

  • Government is a crime syndicate

    The government is nothing more than a den of low life thugs that steal from the public. One way they get away with so much is their ability to have hidden information. That way when they do their back door deals with the cronie banks and corporations they can just hide behind closed doors. Tax payers literally pay politicians hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars to vote. Wow I pushed a button today that was really hard better hop in my private jet to my beach house from all of that tough work.

  • A More Informed, Nation

    If the government would tell information regarding mass destruction or annihilation the public would either, one figure out a way to solve the problem or become chaotic, However if a asteroid were to hit and plummet the earth, it'd be visible from afar so there will be chaos none the less. If the government were to keep it's people informed the nation would also become much safer leading to a more informed citizen, or none the less more informed nation,

  • We should have the power.

    There is a reason why our declaration of independance says "we the people....." The people should have more power than the government, and as the great saying goes "knowledge is power" The government shouldn't keep secrets. We the people of the united states are supposed to be the government. We have the right to know what our government is planning. Our government has been proven to know a lot about us, it only seems fair that we know what they do to help us. By knowing the governments plans we can also help out. In the end we have the greater power because of our founding fathers. We should know what type of government we have. Just like we have the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we should know what our government does. We should know where our tax money goes, and we definitely have to know about our laws. Most people should know that constitutionally speaking we have the greater power. According to the votes of weather or not the government should have secrets the majority of the PEOPLE say no. That in all speaks for itself

  • We need to know.

    The dexlaration says "We the PEOPLE". We should know what our government is up to. I agree with the statement knowledge is power. The foundations of our country were made so that the people have greater power thus we should have more knowledge. How do we know the government isn't planning anything against is people if we don't know their secrets. We are a nation and should work together that can't happen if we don't know what government we have. The government knows a lot about us, all we probably know is that there are three governmental branches and that the president has a nice smile.

  • It's so obvious that they are hiding things; they should just tell us.

    It's not like we can't COMPREHEND the existence of things that we believe to be fake. We can understand. The government shouldn't have to hide things from us. The government is of the people, for the people, and by the people. It should remain that way and we can be a better country if we had the knowledge our government is keeping from us.

  • The people should have access to answers.

    I feel that the government has it's own priorities that we, the country's people have no way of knowing whilst this secretive nature stays in place. How much tax payer money is being funnelled into secret government endeavors such as funding military research that we may feel is unnecessary, wasteful, inhumane overkill. I feel that we should receive answers to the questions we ask so that we can direct the powers at be when needed. As it is noe, we have very little control on the state of affairs and one could argue even less knowledge despite the media available to us today. This is frightening.

  • Where do government members get their sense of elitism and entitlement?

    Where or how do members of the government, or any public institution find the justification or the right to keep information from those that fund their lifestyles and offices?

    Surely, if you are operating a honest and truthful government (which all politicians will have you believe they are) then surely there are no reasons or justifications in keeping any information secret. We are witnessing members of the public that believe they are more intelligent or understand issues better than the public, but who gives them the right or authority to do this.

    If we are conducting ourselves as upholding citizens (like those that are under the full force of the law) then there is no need for secrets to be kept.

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