Does the government have the right to legislate homosexual marriage?

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  • Marriage is everyone's right

    As citizens of the United States, we are offered many rights under our government. One of these rights, at least if you're straight, is the right to elope with the person you love. So why deny this right to homosexuals? Perhaps it is because many religious people believe homosexuality is a sin. Even if that's true, any individual and their sins is between them and God. The government has no right to interfere in religious affairs. Although government was once based on religion, this is no longer the case, and religion has no place in congress

  • Why let the government interfere?

    I'm sorry but the last time I checked the United States Constitution kept the state and religion SEPARATE. Last time I also checked marriage is a religious matter, established by religious founders on religious grounds for religious reasons. Not everybody who gets married does it for religious purposes or influences but the vast majority do. Gay people don't get a right to my privilege. They get their privilege of having a "Gay Pride" march every year, there would be outrage if there was a "Straight Pride" march each year so why would we have to lean over even more and surrender our exclusive privilege to marriage? The social implications are terrible. Maybe if gay rights campaigners stopped being so obnoxious with their methods people wouldn't oppose them.

  • Government should not interfere with these matters.

    I think that any consenting adults should have the right to marry if that is something they absolutely wish. They should not be denied just because it's between the same sexes. Another point is this. What stops the government from deciding to put restrictions on any type of marriage, and not just between the same sexes? Would you want to have the government control who you are allowed to marry whether through faith or through race or through whatever they wish to control? Think about it. It can be possible some certain people can influence this. Any regulation of marriage is dangerous to society.

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