• Regulations Must Reflect Changing Economy

    The average lifespan is growing, which is a good thing. However, that also means that our social infrastructure designed to help the retired and elderly has increased demands. One way to lower demand on Medicare is to increase the age of eligibility. By making people wait a short time longer until being eligible, they will incur less costs onto the system, and if they continue to work, pay more into it.

  • We're going bankrupt.

    Yes, the government needs to raise the Medicare eligibility age, because there are too many people that are on Medicare. There are not enough young people working to pay into Medicare to have the system continue to work. Also, people are living longer, and they don't need government funded care at such a young age.

  • They obviously should

    I don't understand how people don't understand that the ages for social services should be raised. People used to live so much shorter that Social Security, for instance, was meant for people who happened to live an extraordinary amount of time. People are living far longer - why would the age not be raised?

  • No They Do Not

    I do not believe the government needs to raise the Medicare eligibility age. I think the age should remain where it is. As a citizen and a worked I have been forced to pay into Medicare and I expect to be able to access it when I've been told I will be able to. If you can't provide the services promised then let me stop paying in.

  • No the government should raise the age for Medicare.

    I do not think that the government of the United States of America should raise the age for Medicare eligibility. I think the current age is appropriate and fair to the system. To raise the age would be unjust a lot of citizens that need access to the program and policy.

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